Are there any pros to living in Jacksonville?

Welcome to Jacksonville! Jacksonville apartments are located in the center of one of Florida's largest cities. With plenty to offer to a new resident, many find that settling in to the big city leaves them excited and overwhelmed. There are dozens of pros of living in Jacksonville. From near perfect year round weather to sports and beach life, this city seems to have a little of it all.

First and foremost, for being centered in the middle of a metropolitan affair with quick access to the beach, many are surprised to find that Jacksonville apartments are impressively affordable in comparison to similar sized cities.  The city's cost of living is lower than the National and State average. The affordable housing offers a mix of single-family homes, condos and apartments. Many parts of town are filled with residential areas, however, downtown Jacksonville offers a more industrial and urban environment.

Living in Duval County also allows residents to enjoy summer weather all year long. Hopefully, you do not share a love for the winter months because living in this town means you are able to experience mild winters and tropical summers. Luckily, no matter where you live in the city, you are just around the corner from the beach, where you can enjoy the sunshine state's amazing weather throughout the year. At most, your Jacksonville apartment will be an hour away from the coast and that's usually with traffic.

There is plenty to do in the area. If you love sports, the Jacksonville Jaguars reside in the heart of town, boosting citizen moral and competition. The AFL Sharks, the Suns and ABA Jacksonville Giants also reside in the big city.

Shopping and dinning, like most cities, fills the area. Although some argue that the large region is not accommodating to college students, the town has proved criticism wrong with its college district residing just next to UNF.

If you are seeking employment, there are tons of jobs offered throughout this laidback own. With a large university in the area, the city encourages graduates and business professional to migrate to Jacksonville to begin their careers. Make sure to bring your ‘A game' though, this town is nationally ranked for academic achievement.

The historic architecture and modern amenities in the city have created more of a cultural atmosphere over the years, drawing the demand for more public transportation, community festivals and gatherings. The only draw back to this is the constant construction and revitalization undergoing throughout the city, however, this has not negatively impacted the moderate traffic throughout the town.

Aside from the overall quality of life, there are several benefits to living in this area. Low cost of living, great weather, beautiful beaches, top education, and lots of entertainment are only some of the pros to living in Jacksonville. Take advantage of one of Florida's largest cities!

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