Does Jacksonville offer short-term leases for military residents?

Military housing in Jacksonville can be very accommodating for those who are often expected to pick up and move at any time. Relocating to a new city with very little warning, however, can become quite stressful and problematic.

The city of Jacksonville has become a major facility for military men and women. With two bases, NAS JAX and Mayport, the city has become the third largest military town in the Nation!  Home to multiple divisions such as the National Guard and US Marines Corp, the expanding areas on and off base have become quite accommodating to military needs.

A downside to being an active military participant is not knowing how long you might stay put in any given location. Trying to search for an indefinite termed military housing in Jacksonville may become quite cumbersome.  However, as a result of the increased military population, many communities have become accustomed to the impulsive upheaval of tenants. The need to have a flexible lease term is of high priority when working for the public sector. Luckily, there are plenty of lease varieties offered in the Jacksonville area. These can include yearly leases, to 9 month and 6 month terms to even month-to-month basis.

Military demands differ substantially when considering the average resident.  Expressing your concerns of needing a flexible unit is just as important as finding a convenient new home. Many residents in the area find that living in an all furnished home to be of preference in addition to a month-to-month term. The problem may be,  how do I find the types of properties?

First of all, keep in my that many short term lease units can be more expensive, as many companies often prorate the lease amount into the shorter amount of months. If you can get past that initial shock, then continuing your search should be a breeze.

Jacksonville is a very large city, one of the largest in the state of Florida. Although most military folk tend to stay local to the base, there are plenty of affordable and convenient options throughout the town.

Downtown J Ville has plenty of communities in all different varieties. These properties can come in sky scrappers to residential neighborhoods. There is plenty of entertainment surrounding this part of time. However, rent can be more expensive and leases may be less flexible.

Not too far from base is UNF. This region is particularly occupied by student-aged residents, but offers very affordable housing options with short and long-term leases. Nightlife may be more exciting here and the beach is not too far from this area.

In general, most communities near the bases in the city are quite affordable, as most properties offer unique floor plans and agreements to help accommodate to their tenants.

There are over 500 neighborhoods in the city, many catering to the town's strong military population. This allows you to have flexibility when establishing preferences and searching for your new home.  Sticking near base may be more convenience, however, there are plenty of other areas that may also be just as accommodating.

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