I want a pet! What apartment in Jacksonville will let me have a pet?

Owning a pet is a major responsibility, one no person should take lightly.  When renting an apartment in Jacksonville, you will want to remember that owning a pet, large or small, is a commitment that have costs as well as benefits.  Our website can help you find the perfect apartment in Jacksonville that is pet friendly.

Apartments in Jacksonville are very strict on animal policies.  Jacksonville apartments are either no pets allowed or are very specific on the types of pets you can have in your apartment.  Apartments in Jacksonville have policies in place to protect the management company and the residents of the apartment complex as well as you, the owner.  There are often several reasons apartments choose these policies, and most of the time, it stems from a situation gone wrong.

Man's best friend, a dog, is so much fun to have as a pet.  They are loving, like to cuddle, will sleep with you at night, and greet you at the door when you come home, yet, we all know that some dog breeds carry with them a negative connotation.  Right or wrong, it is the society we will live.  Apartments in Jacksonville are very cautious about the types of breeds and sizes of dog they allow on the premises. Apartment complexes must protect all of their tenants, and if you have a dog whose breed is known to be harmful to others, then an apartment will most likely restrict that breed from being allowed at the apartment.  It may be that your dog is the nicest dog and loves people, but being a certain breed opens up too many problems that apartment managers just don't want to deal with.  Make sure, before you sign your lease and enter your apartment that you check with your manager to make certain that the breed and size of the dog you are wanting to bring into the apartment is allowed.  Breaking the rules on this can result in eviction or serious fines.

Cats are generally cleaner and nicer animals and are more responsible when it comes to a pet.  Owning a cat is an easier pet because they are somewhat self-sufficient.  As long as you feed and water them and keep their litter box clean, then a cat will typically be fine at home alone for hours at a time, where a dog would need to be let out to relieve itself and will tend to be destructive if left home too long with no interaction.

Birds are another good pet to have because they also are more self-sufficient.  The major problem with birds is that they tend to be loud.  Due to this reason, most apartments in Jacksonville will not allow birds within the apartments.  Some residents don't want to be disturbed during the daytime by a loud bird.  Someone working the night shift will want to get their rest during the day and if you have a bird squawking all the time, it can cause a problem for you.

Fish tanks can be beautiful and fun to have.  Keep exotic fish in calming fish tanks can be nice to look at after a long day at work.  Make sure to check with your Jacksonville apartment manager before bringing a fish tank into the apartment.  Most apartments in Jacksonville will not allow fish tanks over a certain size due to safety reasons such as flooding or leakage that ruins the flooring.  This can be costly to the apartment to fix and to you to reimburse.

We all know that owning an exotic pet such as a lizard, snake, or even a spider, can be interesting but owning these types of animals is a liability that many Jacksonville apartment managers probably won't want to risk.  Just make sure to check before purchasing one of these type of animals.

The rule of thumb when it comes to purchasing a pet to bring into your apartment in Jacksonville is to check your lease and check with your apartment manager.  There are specific rules in place for every type of pet and by violating those rules, you put yourself in danger of being evicted or several fined.  Owning a pet is fun and takes a lot of responsibility. Keep in mind your daily schedule and the amount of time you are home to care for an animal, then choose wisely.  

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