Can I find one-bedroom military housing for cheap?

Living in your own military housing can be quite rewarding.  After a long day on the base, coming home to a quiet place has its advantages.  The drawback is being the sole person responsible for all the bills.  Finding military housing that offers one-bedroom spaces for a good deal is key.

Jacksonville is full of locations that offer one-bedroom military housing options to fit all lifestyles and budgets.  Military housing comes in a variety of types.  Depending on which options you prefer, the location you want to live in, and what amenities you must have, will help you determine where to find the perfect military housing for you.

Most military personnel live in the Orange Park area or out toward the Southside area of town.  Within these areas you can find various types of military housing.  If you are looking to keep your budget as low as possible, then living in neighborhoods close to Blanding Blvd. and the Orange Park area will definitely be where you want to look.  If you are looking for a more upscale location, then you can look in areas within the Ortega area, or even around the Butler Blvd. corridor.  You can use the search feature located on our military home page to vary your price range and location to find the best place to start your search.

One thing to keep in mind in Jacksonville is traffic.  No matter where you decide to settle, your military housing will be located in areas of Jacksonville that can be high traffic areas.  If you are wanting a more upscale, city lifestyle, then living in the downtown area or on the Butler Blvd. corridor will offer you that lifestyle but will come at an additional price…traffic and long commutes.  If commuting for 30 minutes to work doesn't bother you then definitely look in these areas.  You will find more amenities and a more city lifestyle.  If you prefer living closer to work and a quieter lifestyle, then looking in the Blanding Blvd area and Orange Park will definitely give you more options for military housing in a quiet location.  The Southside area, near Merrill Road and 9A has great options for quiet military housing options.

Price and space is always a concern.  Floor plans in all locations range from 575 square feet up to 1,000 square feet.  Prices start at $650 and can go up to as high as $1,300.  Determining the price range you can afford will help you determine where to start looking.  Also, making a list of amenities you must have versus those you would like but can do without will also make finding the perfect military housing more affordable as you search.

The key to finding the best location to settle, is determining your budget and your commute factor.  Then, use the search feature on our site to narrow down your choices based on budget, location, amenities and more.  Once you have your choices narrowed down, spend time visiting them, talking about move-in specials, seeing what the military housing locations have to offer you, how far the commute is to your base,  and seeing if the location is in an area of town you are comfortable in.  Once you have made your decision, move in and enjoy your new military housing…you home away from the hustle of work.

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