I have a nervous cat. What are some steps I can take to make the move to military housing in Jacksonville easier on my pet?

You may be all packed up and excited to move to military housing in Jacksonville, but your cat is probably hiding under the bed, wary of what is coming! While cats make excellent apartment living pets, it can be a process to help them get used to their new environment every time you move. Luckily, there are several steps you can to help your scared kitty calm down and enjoy your new apartment just as much as you do. Whether you have one cat or multiple cats, we can give you some tips and tricks for acclimating your pets to your new place. Pet-friendly military housing in Jacksonville will feel like home for both you and your pets if you take some time to ease them into the move.

Before your move to base housing in Jacksonville, your cat will probably start feeling anxious with all the noises and movements involved in packing and loading the moving truck. This is a good time to start paying additional attention to your cat, providing treats, calming pets, and making sure it always has a safe spot to hide while you're working. You may even want to lock them in a separate room while you finish packing a different area. While you're packing, create a labeled box with items for your cat that you will want to have easy access to after your move. Set aside the cat carrier, towels, and anything your cat might need during the car trip to your new place. You may need a litter box and food depending on the length of your drive to military housing in Jacksonville.

When you're ready to bring your cat inside base housing, you should make sure to identify a safe, quiet zone that your cat can occupy in the beginning. A closed bedroom or bathroom is an ideal choice for this location. Place your cat's food and litter box in this area and avoid allowing people to constantly walk in and out of the room. Some cats will need a few days inside an enclosed space before they feel comfortable enough to venture out into the rest of the apartment. On the other hand, some cats may acclimate very quickly to military housing in Jacksonville. It all depends on your cat's personality, so make sure you're aware of your cats disposition and reaction to the move.

While you can find several pet-friendly military housing apartments, you may also want to have a screened patio inside your unit. This is an excellent amenity for residents with cats, allowing the cat to enjoy the outdoors and nature views without the danger of being outside. If you have a particularly jumpy cat, you can also find some great quiet apartments in the area. With these few steps, you will be well on your way to a happy new living arrangement with your pets!

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