Should I have roommates or live alone in military housing?

Deciding whether to live on your own or with others is something that anyone looking at apartments or military housing is going to have to consider. Your preferences as well as the benefits of each situation are what should be the ultimate determinant. Luckily for you, there is plenty of military housing in Jacksonville for you to choose from.

If you are someone who gets energized from spending time alone, then you may want to consider looking at one-bedroom military housing. Living with roommates means that you are going to be around someone pretty much all the time, even if you are just hearing them through the door of your room. Sometimes the walls are just not thick enough.

You may also want to live by yourself in military housing if you have lots of animals, as animals can cause issues with roommates. This isn't always the case, and is usually just on a pet by pet basis, but it is something to consider.

Living alone in Jacksonville military housing also has the benefit of allowing you to avoid any and all roommate problems. You will never have to argue with others about chores, or who is using too much of the utilities. The state of the apartment is the result of one thing, and that's you.

Now if you are someone who likes to be around people most of the time, then definitely consider living with roommates in military housing. I also encourage people who are new to the area to do this, even if they aren't a social butterfly. After all, roommates can be a great way to meet friends and get introduced to the area. You can always live alone next year.

Meeting friends is great and all, but there is another great benefit to having roommates in military housing, and that's the cost. Living in three or four-bedroom military housing gives you the advantage of splitting the rent and the utilities. With the cost of living being divided so much, you may even be able to afford to live in more luxurious military housing. Find a place with so many amenities, and you will be able to escape your roommates for alone time as much as you want.

Overall, whichever of the military housing options in Jacksonville that you consider to live in will be up to you. Make the choice based off your own preferences as well as the great benefits of both situations, and you should be satisfied. If you don't like it in the end, remember that it's not forever. You can even try out both situations if you looking for military housing with shorter leasing options. The opportunities and selections are endless.

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