Are there any attractions or things to do when living in Jacksonville apartments?

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North Beach on Kernan
North Beach on Kernan is located near the beach and plenty of nightly entertainment.

An ever-expanding bustling metropolis in the heart of Northeast Florida surrounds apartments near Jacksonville. With nearly 850,000 residents in the city, Jacksonville is the largest city in the state of Florida. Home to over 500 neighborhoods, Jacksonville's natural assets and preserved parks are a key part of the city’s strong economy, attracting tourist and residents nationwide.

Jacksonville has long been perfecting the high-low mix of city feel and laid back costal vibes while breeding pretensions to gentility in the city. There are plenty of things to do near Jacksonville apartments ranging from science and history museums to beaches, breweries, and nightlife.  Since most of the city pulls its culling inspiration from its native forte, some find that looking for their new apartment can often be an arduous process.

If you are seeking leisure and amusement near your UNF apartment, there are several hot spots within the city.

The most popular and closest location to the local university is the Atlantic Beach area. Many students prefer to live near the beach. The Atlantic Beach's soft warm sand is only fifteen minutes away from campus and is a perfect place for swimming surfing, fishing and kayaking. Jacksonville apartments near the beach can vary in prices. Properties located closer to the water can be more expensive, as expected. However, there is a strong student population in this area, forcing many communities to be accommodating to the student budget.

Many student residents also enjoy the revelry of nightlife near the beach. Since most bars and restaurants are within walking distance from homes in the area, nightly entertainment seems to be quite vibrant and spirited.

Along the St. John’s River are historic residential neighborhoods and a sprawling urban atmosphere.Although many students prefer to keep out of the downtown region due to its higher end and luxury apartments and prices, it remains an attraction for nights out on the town. Within its cosmopolitan quarters, downtown has a large craft-beer scene and dozens of authentic cuisines. The airport is less than ten miles away, making downtown a suitable location for commuters.

There is also plenty of retail therapy to be had in downtown. Conversely, if you are looking for a comfortable stretch or seeking outdoor activities, downtown provides several cycling routes alongside the river and over the bridges. The Jacksonville Jaguars are located downtown at the Sports Complex as well as the city’s minor league baseball team as well.

If you chose to live within walking distance of the university, you will definitely be able to enjoy affordable living. However, the cons to living in this area are the limitation to entertainment. Most places, however, are within a ten to fifteen minute drive, still allowing students in the area to enjoy the city's finest attractions.

Overall, there are plenty of things to do near Jacksonville apartments. The town’s endless beach shores provide residents with numerous outdoor activities and an exuberant nightlife. Downtown may be pricier than homes located near the beach but there are various activities to partake in such as shopping, dinning, and even attending football and baseball games.

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