I want to make sure I’m “living green” in my new apartment. Do you have any tips for me?

If you think outside the box, there are so many easy and quick ways to transform your habits and make the most out of “green” apartment living. To get a head start, you may want to find apartments near UNF that have paper, glass, and plastic recycling available, as well as low energy lighting, a community garden, and native landscaping. You can select these features by using the search function on our website and selecting the “Green Efforts” menu. Regardless of your access to these amenities, however, there are a few simple steps you can take to “go green” and contribute responsibility to the environment.

One of the most common “green” habits is the recycling of your used plastic, paper, and glass items. Even if you choose UNF apartments that do not have on-site bins for the community, you can still develop your own tradition of saving these items and placing them in the collection area most convenient for you. The best way to get started is to create labeled tubs, bins, or containers that will help you get organized and keep the same item types together. It can also be helpful to do some research about which items can or cannot be recycled. For example, most light bulbs, broken glass, and potato chip bags are generally not recyclable. However, glass drinking bottles without lids on, milk and other cartons, and steel food cans are perfect for your recycling bins. You'll be surprised how fun it can be to organize this system inside your new place!

After you move into one of the apartments near UNF, you can develop some simple habits that conserve water and energy inside your apartment. Not only will this positively impact the environment, but it also may save you money on bills! For example, when you leave a room, try to remember to turn off the lights. The closet light is often the biggest culprit since it may be hard to see or remember, and the same can apply to the laundry or storage room area. In addition, many of us are guilty of leaving the water on while we brush our teeth or get distracted by something else. Try to turn off your faucet when you are not actively using it – you'd be shocked to see how much water you can save.

Another good habit that may also save you some money is turning the air conditioning off when you leave the apartment, especially if you do not leave behind any pets or roommates. If completely switching it off is too much for you during Florida summers, you can simply turn it up a few degrees and then bring it back down to a comfortable level when you return. UNF apartments will give you plenty of opportunities to “go green” while also being kind to your wallet.

In addition to these tips, you can also try to use glassware or reusable containers instead of plastic cups or water bottles. It can also be helpful to unplug all electronics when you are not using them, especially chargers without the phone attached! Moving to apartments near UNF is a great way to start fresh and live the lifestyle you desire.

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