I am interesting in hiking and walking trails. What are some fun trails near Jacksonville?

If you've always loved hiking or want to try something new after your move, Jacksonville apartments are close to several winding, scenic hiking trails for endless enjoyment and exercise! Whether you prefer a more open, paved road for taking casual walks or want to be immersed in nature, you'll be able to find some excellent trails in the area to suit your mood. Hiking is a popular activity among Jacksonville locals, so you may also meet some new friends or find a hiking group to keep you company. Don't forget to grab sunscreen, insect repellent, notorious snacks, and plenty of water, especially if you plan on a longer hike throughout the day. Protective, cooling clothing will also help make the hike more enjoyable. Keep reading to discover some of the best hiking trails near Jacksonville apartments.

Just moments away from apartments near Jacksonville, the hiking trail at Cedar Point Preserve is definitely a hiker's dream. A refreshing hike through old Florida, this trail will give you the opportunity to enjoy the warmer months of Florida with a sea breeze keeping you pleasantly cool. If you're looking for a quiet, relaxing hike, this is the perfect location for solitude and reflection since you most likely won't encounter too many people on the path. The vast 4 mile trail will give you plenty of room for solitary hiking and enjoying all of Florida's gorgeous natural scenery. The trail itself is wide and well-groomed, surrounded by pine barrens, hardwood hammocks, and a lovely marsh front. It would be wise to grab a map of the area to make sure you can find your way safely.

For another worthwhile hiking experience near Jacksonville apartments, you won't want to miss out on the Theodore Roosevelt hiking area on Mount Pleasant road. This quiet, natural area has some fantastic well-maintained trails that lead all the way down to the river. If you're looking for something more leisurely and straightforward, there are many beginner trails to choose from. For example, the Skyline Vista is a flat, paved trail that is comfortable and fitting for a relaxing stroll. More experienced hikers can also find trails with elevation changes for something slightly more challenging. For steep climbs, descents, and river crossing, the Achenbach trail will be the best choice for hiking in this area.

If you head over to Talbot Island, you'll find a trail that gives you access to a wonderful section of beach and a lovely view of the sea. The Timucuan Trail, about 8 miles long, is perfect for bird-watching and other wildlife viewing activities. Live oaks, bays, and magnolias will surround you as you make your way down this partially paved trail. You can even end the day with some camping at one of the camp sites available.

These three trails should hold you over for a bit, but they are only a few of the hiking options available near Jacksonville apartments. To find your ideal apartment with all your preferred features and amenities, use our search function to filter for all the bonuses and perks you need to live a comfortable, care-free life!

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