Is it better to lease a furnished or unfurnished apartment?

If you are looking for a UNF apartment, one very important question you'll need to ask yourself is: do you want to sign a lease for a furnished or unfurnished apartment? Both options have their pros and cons. The way to decide is by considering your personal style and finances. After you've factored all of these variables in, it should become clear to you what type of apartment is best for you while attending UNF.

Style and swag, everyone has their own sense of what these mean. Unfortunately this means that not everyone necessarily agrees on how to furnish their apartment. When an apartment comes furnished you are taking on the apartment's unique style and flare. If you are really particular and know you can't stare at a grey couch all year long, then you may want to consider an unfurnished apartment. However, there is always a compromise. Maybe you're not crazy about the basic furnishings: couch, chairs, table, etc., but it's easy to add your own personal flare by adding accent pieces or painting. Some clever accent pieces you can add to your apartment are art work, curtains, rugs and mirrors. Mirrors are one of my personal favorites because not only does it look chic and sophisticated, but it also created the illusion of more space. Be honest with yourself. This apartment will be your new home. So, if you know you won't really be happy with your UNF apartment unless you decorate yourself from top to bottom, then go with an unfurnished apartment. If you think it won't bother you or that you would be just as pleased by just adding some of your unique style here and there, then a furnished apartment might be right up your ally.

As usual, it all boils down to money. As a UNF student, you may not have all the money to blow on furnishings for your apartment. Moving into a new apartment can cost a lot up front with the deposits, application fees, and so forth. So, it is understandable if one cannot afford to buy a couch, bed, desk, and other furnishings. This is when a furnished UNF apartment could really be a life saver. Not only do many furnished UNF apartments have the basics like a bed and living room set; they can also sometimes include items like a tv, entertainment center, and office desk. This can save you a ton of money, which is usually pretty tight while you're a college student.

Whatever your preference is, it's easy to find a furnished or unfurnished UNF apartment using Rent Jax's search tools. We make it almost effortless to locate the apartment that has the amenities and features you can't live without. Once you select the apartment features, we will populate all UNF the apartments that meet your criteria. The next step is to call the apartment community for a tour and make your decision from there!

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