How far is the Naval Exchange and Commissary from the military housing in Jacksonville?

Jacksonville is a large city on the Northeast coast of Florida. Places and things tend to get spread out, and we understand that living in an unfamiliar city finding your way can take some time getting used to. That's where we come in!

NAS Jax-Mayport covers 3,400 acres alone! And do note that it's only 1 of 3 NAS facilities in Jacksonville. NAS Jax Towers Fields is another large facility, yet located on the Westside of Jacksonville. This is where the Navy Exchange Garden Center, Commissary and Main Exchange are. It's all about knowing what you're working with, right?

Now, living in military housing in Jacksonville sometimes means you might not be close to the naval exchange or the commissary—two places you and your family tend to depend on. From shopping for groceries, to clothes and shoes, to even getting your haircut, they remain important places of business. Lucky for you, the naval exchange and commissary remain on the same side of town as the NAS Jax/Towers Field—the Westside.

The Westside of Jacksonville another larger area of town west of downtown and north of Orange Park. The Westside offers many neighborhood varieties with a bit more wiggle room, from 1950 style cement block homes in nostalgic and historic neighborhoods like Murray Hill and "old money" neighborhoods like Ortega, as well as planned mega communities including Argyle & Oak Leaf Plantation, two of the newest and largest neighborhoods on Jacksonville's Westside. NAS Jax is a major employer in the area so you will find lots of current and retired navy folk on this side of town, however if you're not looking to live within this area and closer to Downtown or the Beaches, Arlington is just a hop, skip and a jump over the St. John's River.

Military housing in Jacksonville is available all over the city, but if you're looking to stay close to NAS Jax stay in the neighborhood of Arlington or on the Westside. For more information, check our neighborhood guides.

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