Is it difficult to find a new place that accepts pets in UNF apartments?

Owning a pet isn't an issue for someone looking at apartments in Jacksonville. UNF apartments in Jacksonville are no exception. We know pets can be like a part of your family and having to be without one of your family doesn't necessarily have to be your fate! Jacksonville is a pet friendly city so you don't have to worry about being without your family pet. Most UNF apartments in Jacksonville accept non-aggressive breeds up to a certain size with a small (usually non-refundable) pet deposit.

There are several dog parks in the city and most restaurants with patios allow you to bring your dog. You could even take your dog to Dog Wood Park—a 42-acre swim and play park for people and their dogs—or Paws Park at Jax Beach. Plus, there are tons of parks for you to explore with your four-legged best friend!

Go to Jacksonville's Apartment Guide and go down to Pet Policy and check off that box to view which UNF apartments allow pets. Instead of a choice between no pets allowed and any pet being allowed, some UNF apartments have specific choices that differentiate cats, dogs, birds and even aquariums. Just because an apartment allows cats, doesn't mean they'll allow dogs, so keep that in mind. It is important you read the details carefully before you sign your lease with your pet. Finding UNF apartments that accept your four-legged family member is a breeze with RentJax's guides and tools.

Customize your search for UNF apartments by selecting which amenities you like and want for your next place, too. With our various selector tools you can choose which neighborhood you want to live in, washer/dryer hookups, and even if there's a dog park! Finding your next home is easy with!

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