How can I be a good neighbor in my Jacksonville apartment?

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As you move into your new Jacksonville apartment, you may be wondering how to be a good neighbor. Being a good neighbor is so important to keep your living situation peaceful and enjoyable. It also helps you easily meet others who live in your community and keep those relationships around your apartment in Jacksonville.

The first and most essential part of being a good neighbor around your apartment is to meet your neighbors. Meeting your neighbors is sometimes tricky with everyone's busy schedules, and with COVID looming in the community, some may not be out and about as often as before. But you can always take time to wave and say hello while you are coming and going. Keep your distance and introduce yourself, your family, or your pet. Meeting your neighbors also helps with security and safety. Although a nosey neighbor is never welcome, it is always a good idea to know who lives around you and the people that come and go.

Your Jacksonville apartment complex may have specific community rules that you need to learn and abide by. Some examples of community rules are a community quiet time, parking areas for residents and visitors, the hours when the pool or other apartment amenities are available for use. These rules may be included when you move into your new apartment as part of your lease. If not, make sure you ask the leasing office because it is your responsibility to know your community guidelines. Being a good neighbor is being respectful of your community and the rules.

Taking care of your space and keeping up your curb appeal is another good way to be a good neighbor. It is good not to leave trash or toys cluttering your outside space, especially if you share a walkway or patio space with neighbors. Keep the front swept and any chairs, décor, or plants outside looking healthy and inviting. Check your community rules, and if allowed, you may want to add a wreath or sign on the door to brighten up your space and individualize your apartment.

Most everyone loves pets but having a pet comes with a lot of responsibility, especially when trying to be a good neighbor at your pet-friendly apartment. Pets make noise but try to keep the noise level down as much as possible, especially during the evening and early morning hours. Make sure you clean up after your pet and take your pet to a designated area of your complex if there is one. Some Jacksonville apartments have a dog walk or park area you can use to take your dog out but make sure to bring bags along with you and dispose in the appropriate trash reciprocal or take them home for your trash.

A quiet time may be a part of your community guidelines mentioned above, but we feel this one is so important to being a good neighbor it was worth highlighting in its own section. Times vary by person and between weekdays and weekends, but most try to be mindful of excessive noise during the times when most people are sleeping. For example, times between 10 pm and 8 am are when most may consider a good quiet time, and it is a good idea to try to keep pets, children, music to a lower level than daytime. Once you meet your neighbors around your apartment in Jacksonville, you may realize some may work the night shift and may need to sleep during the day.

Your Jacksonville apartment may have rules and times that you can use your Jacksonville apartment amenities, but we thought we would also include some etiquette tips you may want to try when being a good neighbor. The most important would be to clean up after yourself. Take home any trash you may have, maybe bring some antibacterial wipes to wipe down any equipment you used in the gym, leave everything as you found it. Keep the noise down at the swimming pool or other outdoor spaces; if there is a community BBQ grill, make sure to set it up for others to use also. Take turns and don't hog any amenities.

We hope these tips help you be a great neighbor at your apartment in Jax!

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