What is the proper etiquette for using amenities in my Jacksonville apartment community?

Many of the best Jacksonville apartments offer up top of the line amenities for their residents to enjoy. With that being said, it's of the utmost importance that guests respect those amenities and do their fair share to keep them looking nice. This doesn't mean that maintenance or community staff don't partake in the upkeep of their amenities; it just means that they already do everything they can to keep their amenities in immaculate shape and using those amenities properly make their day to day activities easier. The one thing you can do across the board when it comes to amenities is to always clean up after yourself. It usually only requires minimal effort, if any, to make sure you haven't left any messes behind after enjoying the amenities in your Jacksonville apartment.

Many apartments in Jacksonville offer up wonderful outdoor BBQ grills. Whether they're part of an outdoor kitchen, or are stand-alone grills there is etiquette to enjoying them. Always clean up after using them. Don't leave behind any trash from packaging or paper plates and utensils. The majority of the time there will be trashcans nearby, if that isn't the case just bring a few trash bags with you in preparation. Make sure you clean up any spills or messes made by food; especially if there's any raw meat or juices involved. We live in Florida so bugs outdoors are inevitable but cleaning up after messes can greatly reduce the number of pests. If you make a mess big enough that you're not sure what to do don't be afraid to call maintenance. They would rather you ask for help cleaning up than let it go unmentioned.

Jacksonville apartments, like many Florida apartments offer up immaculately kept resort style pools. There is certain etiquette to enjoying time at your community's pool. As always, clean up after yourself. This might mean more than just trash when lounging around the pool. Don't leave wet towels lying around and if you've used any of the community's floats then be sure to put them back where you got them. Another highly important piece of etiquette to consider is leaving all glass bottles outside of the pool area. People walk around pools barefoot and it can be dangerous for glass to be broken poolside. It's also usually much harder to clean since many pool decks are made of brick and glass pieces can easily get stuck between the cracks of individual bricks.

Gym etiquette is easily one of the most overlooked pieces of etiquette to follow. When using your Jacksonville apartment's gym make sure to clean up after yourself on each machine you've used. Most gyms will have wipes provided to wipe down the machines you've used to kill any germs and bacteria left behind. It's also of the utmost importance that you remember to restack any weights you've used. They can easily go missing or overlooked by someone hoping to use them later. As always, make sure to pick up any trash you may have accumulated including empty water bottles or power bar wrappers.

Etiquette doesn't have to be a difficult thing to participate in. Actually when it comes to using proper etiquette at amenities throughout Jacksonville apartments it usually only requires little effort and is certainly worth it in the long run. Remember as well, if your apartment community is pet friendly to clean up after your pet in the community!

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