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Clare Chang

Clare was born a Northerner in the heart of the big apple. She called Virginia home for a while and even was a dreamer living in LA LA Land for a bit. Now she's a Southerner living in the sunshine state near the best beaches in Clearwater and fun downtown festivities in Tampa.

She's moved every single year since leaving her parents' house, at the young age of sixteen, for the first year of college. Now she knows exactly what to look for and how to find it. She adores architecture and is a sucker for great interior design. She always on the lookout for the newest, most innovative properties. Weekends are spent visiting the best dog parks around the city dining out with her fur baby.

She's Yelp-ing her way through life with a goal to visit every place at least one, especially the ones with sweet treats. In between meals and snack time, she likes to work on her tan at the beach or road trip up-and-down the east coast.