Will there be a lot of students living near campus?

UNF apartments are among a popular trend with students attending the University. Most students are traveling a distance to attend the University of North Florida. That being said, a large city, such as Jacksonville, can be quite intimidating for those who are just getting started for the first time on their own. You can expect to find a good amount of students living in the comforting area of their college campus for many reasons. The area surrounding UNF is quite convenient to students. There is free public transportation traveling throughout campus and on the outskirts of town in order to alleviate UNF students from having to drive on their own. There are also handfuls of entertainment near campus, attracting loads of students to the area. Housing around the collegiate town tends to be more affordable than city living and remains well in the student budget range. Living on campus also means you are able to meet your fellow classmates much easier than living in the inner city region. Many living communities offer clubs and social events in order to help you meet your neighbors and other UNF students.

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