I travel a lot, is there base housing in Jacksonville that will keep my belongings safe?

Traveling can be hard in so many ways.  One way to make your traveling easier is to live in a place where you feel safe leaving your belongings while you are traveling.  There are many military housing options in Jacksonville that are well-suited to keeping your belonging safe while you are gone.  WE all know that packing up your plasma TV or taking your expensive video game equipment with you isn't an option when you travel, so finding a safe home for you and your belongings is the key.  Between community features, specific military housing features, and a little diligence, you should have no trouble finding military housing in Jacksonville that will give you peace of mind while you are away.

When searching for base housing, look at the safety features that each location offers.  Gated communities are the first place you want to start looking.  If the military housing location is not protected by a gated entry/exit, then the safety there might be an issue.  Some base housing locations also offer night security guards.  Alarm systems will also help to keep your belongings safe while you are gone.

Many online sites will allow you to search for crime statistics in the area.  This is a great way to find out what the crime is like in areas you are looking to move. 

The search feature on our homepage is the perfect place to start.  You can search for military housing by amenities.  Choose the safety amenities that are most important to you and let our search feature do the rest.  With just a few mouse clicks, you will be taken to a list of base housing options that include the safety features you are looking for.

Once you find that perfect military housing with all the security features you want, think about what you can do to deter potential thieves.  One option you will want to invest in is a timer.  Timers will allow you to plug in items such as lights, televisions, or radios to come on at certain times and go off at different times.  This will be a great way for people to think you are home.  One thing to think about if you will be gone for more than a week or so is to program them to go on and off at different times, not the same time every day.  This way a thief won't scope out your home and learn the pattern.  Maybe plug in several times with different items and rotate their timing.

Another thing to remember is to never leave a key outside under the mat or in a flower pot.  That is the first place most thieves will look.  If you must leave a key somewhere, leave it with a friend or coworker you trust.  Make sure to secure your military housing before you leave.  Check all the doors and windows.  Close your blinds.  Hide your valuables, such as jewelry or money, in an odd place.  Make sure you turn on your alarm before you leave.  If a thief was to actually make it into your military housing, once the siren starts going off, they won't stay long. 

Finding safe base housing in Jacksonville will not be a problem.  Just make sure to do your homework ahead of time, before signing your lease, and be smart.  Enjoy your new military housing!

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