I have 2 dogs, will I need to pay a double pet fee at military housing in Jacksonville?

Military housing in Jacksonville can be a great place to lay down your roots right alongside your loving dogs. As a fellow pet owner I know how important it is that your dogs are as welcome in your military housing community in Jacksonville as you are. Luckily for you many of the military housing options in the area tend to be pet friendly; and Jacksonville as a whole offers numerous dog parks where you and your doggies can go have the time of their lives off leash.

Paying pet fees is pretty much a non-negotiable part of living with a pet in military housing. Chances are if you're living with two dogs, you will have to pay double the pet fees; that's not always the case though, make sure you check with the landlord before you sign your lease so you know exactly what you'll be paying each month for your two dogs. It might seem like an unnecessary task to pay double the pet fees; I assure you pets can do quite a bit of damage to military housing and landlords want to be sure they aren't repeatedly paying out of pocket for the damages that resident's pets cause.

Even the most well trained dogs can have accidents inside, and if it happens repeatedly without being taken care of right away then the landlord may end up having to replace carpeting once you've moved out. Not to mention landlords can often become liable if your dog were to bite or harm someone else on the property in any way. Many times the landlord becomes at fault because they were aware of the animal being on the property in the first place. To make sure all of these things don't come down on the landlords at once and potentially cause them to lose a hefty amount of money, they charge pet fees. So while it may seem strange that pet fees are in place in military housing in Jacksonville, I can assure you that they're in place for a reason.

Before even moving your dogs into military housing with you, you will have to consider if it's the right environment for them. Are your dogs very hyperactive? Do they need lots of room to roam? Or require plenty of off-leash time? Do you live in a quiet apartment? If you answered yes to any of those questions then I would think thoroughly about whether or not military housing in Jacksonville is the right place for you. If your dogs don't get the attention or exercise they need they can become lethargic and depressed. So make sure if you're living in military housing that you spend plenty of effort on keeping your dogs active and healthy.

Military housing in Jacksonville can be a dream place for you and your pups to happily live together. Just keep in mind that is more than likely you'll be paying double the pet fees for two dogs. It's also important to make sure your dogs are compatible with military housing life.

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