What are some housewarming gift ideas for people moving into military housing in Jacksonville?

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Giving a thoughtful housewarming gift is a great way to welcome newcomers to their apartment. This is especially true of individuals and families moving into military housing in Jacksonville as they are likely far from home and may move frequently making settling into a new place and making new friends common. Gifting is great, but if you don't know them well already, it can be hard to choose something that they'll like! Well, look no further, we've compiled a list of items that are sure to make anyone feel welcome to the neighborhood!

Local craft beer or wine

Nothing says welcome to town like craft beers or wine. In addition to being very welcoming, this gift is an excellent excuse to pause the endless moving and kick your feet up for a well-deserved break. Customize the gift to include fare from local breweries or wineries to give a little taste of Jacksonville. If you know them well give them something you know they'll enjoy otherwise just give them a few of your personal favorites. Or if you don't feel confident picking something out, just gift a corkscrew and a few glasses.


Everyone needs a few simple tools for everyday fixes. If they are moving into  Jacksonville Military housing that doesn't allow holes in the walls you can include duct tape, command strips, wipes and plastic bags- other necessities they're sure to appreciate.

Maps and pamphlets for local activities

Help the new neighbors acclimate to Jacksonville by giving them a few maps and pamphlets for local activities. You can personalize them for date-night, family-friendly, or outdoorsy depending on their preferences, just make sure to include your favorite activities and maybe even invite them to join you on a local adventure. 


Plants are both beautiful and life-giving for a new apartment. If you're worried about giving them something that requires too much care, check out this list of low-maintenance house plants. Or, consider a faux plant to brighten up a room.

Wall art

Wall art is especially helpful for those moving into a fully furnished apartment. If you know them well, you can personalize the art to their taste, otherwise something Jacksonville-centric or subtle is sure to please.

Basket of local coffee and tea

This gift is always well-received by exhausted newcomers with lots of unpacking to do. Customize the basket with local beans and tea leaves to give a little taste of Jacksonville.

Pet treats

If they are moving into a pet-friendly apartment, be sure to pack a few treats in their welcome gift. They'll appreciate the thoughtfulness and also appreciate having some food and treats to entertain their pet while they move in!

Board games

Anyone who's a fan of game night will appreciate this gift- for example, Pictionary or Cards Against Humanity. Also, it'll help the newbies socialize with new friends as they'll have all the games they need to host game night in their new Jacksonville military apartment.

Gift cards to your favorite local spots

Introduce the newcomers with gift cards to all your favorite local spots! This handpicked experience is sure to be meaningful and it ensures they don't end up overwhelmed by all the options in Jacksonville.

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