I’m moving into military housing in Jacksonville; how can I decorate my apartment to make it feel more like home?

Moving into a new apartment can feel pretty surreal and sometimes people end up never feeling like their military housing is truly their home. It doesn't always have to be that way though. There are numerous ways to aid in making your military housing feel truly like home. Once you feel like home in your Jacksonville military housing you're sure to be happy with your living experience.

One of the things I can't stress enough is to unpack! Military housing is never going to feel like home if you still have boxes lying around. What kind of feeling does a décor of cardboard boxes really provide? Certainly not a homey feeling. Even just leaving one or two boxes lying around can really put a harsh vibe on your living experience. Chances are if you've spent a good amount of time leaving those boxes to lay around unpacked, then you don't need them. Assess the items that are still all packed away and decided whether you truly need them or not. Should you decide they are necessary to keep then find a place for the immediately. Your military housing will feel a significant amount more like a home if you don't have a bunch of cardboard boxes lying around. So be sure to make a home for everything in your military housing and throw those cardboard boxes out!

Lighting can also have a great impact on your military housing in Jacksonville. Many military housing comes standard with harsh fluorescent lighting that really doesn't flatter anyone and tends to create a harsh atmosphere. Even if you can't uninstall those lights and replace them with others you still have plenty of options. Table lamps, floor lamps, even mood lamps can create a much homier atmosphere in your military housing. Lighting greatly impacts the atmosphere of your Jacksonville military housing so make sure you choose a lighting that you enjoy and you'll feel like you're right at home in no time.

When you're living in military housing it often means that you've had to move away from what you've previously considered home; and with that moving away usually comes with leaving friends and family behind. Being away from friends and family can put a stress on your happiness in your new living arrangement and can tend to make everything feel very foreign. However, surrounding yourself with pictures and memories of your friends and family can make your military housing feel completely and utterly like home.

Other ways t omake your military housing feel more like home include painting the walls your favorite color, or hanging up wallpaper that you love. Basically it's important to surround yourself with things you love. Whether it's artwork, paint colors, furniture, lighting, or pictures of people you love. Once you surround yourself full of the things you love your Jacksonville military housing will begin to feel like you're true home and your living experience will just continue to improve.

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