Go Green in 3 Easy Steps

If you are interested in saving the planet (and $) there are a ton of things you can do to make your apartment more energy efficient. Below are four of the simplest things you can do to make a big impact.

  1. Adjust the thermostat. The biggest energy guzzler in your apartment is the A/C and heating unit. You can save up to 10% on your energy bill by simply adjusting your thermostat by at little as one degree. If you are going to be out of town, adjusting the temperature before you go can result in huge energy savings when you return. Use caution if you decide to turn the thermostat completely off. If left off for a period of time, you will let too much humidity into the air, and you’re A/C will have to work twice as hard when you do turn it back on.
  2. Lights out. Taking the time to turn out a light when you leave the room can save you a bundle on electricity. Leaving the TV or other appliances on when not in use will add up quickly on your bill.
  3. Use your feet. If you want to save money on gas and save the environment at the same time, try walking, biking, or taking the bus when you are able. 4. Change the bulbs. Replace regular incandescent bulbs with newer more efficient compact fluorescents. Compact fluorescents use 50% less energy than regular light bulbs and will last up to 10 times longer. They also emit less heat, which will reduce the energy your A/C unit puts out.

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