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Jessica Fuller

Jessica has been a proud Floridian all her life. She was born and raised in Orlando before making a short move to Winter Garden during her senior year. Now she resides in Tallahassee where she is a sophomore at Florida State University. She's studying for a degree in English for Editing, Writing and Media, after which she aspires to become a professional copy editor for a publishing company. She lives on-campus for now, but she is eagerly making plans to move into an off-campus apartment as soon as her contract is up.

In her search for an off-campus apartment for next fall, Jessica has a few must-haves on her list. As an avid animal lover who plans on bringing two cats and a colony of ants from home, her dream apartment must be pet-friendly. She is also looking for a convenient apartment within walking distance from campus. It must have at least two bedrooms so she can continue rooming with her twin sister, who also attends FSU.

As an introvert and a homebody, Jessica strives to get out more often in order to meet new people and discover new places. She hopes that living in an off-campus apartment will inspire her to meet this goal while also enjoying the privacy that dorm-style living lacks. When she is being social, she spends her time playing dungeons and dragons and other board games with friends or attending exercise classes at the Leach. Otherwise, you can find her playing video games, practicing creative writing and poetry, or taking care of her colony of pet ants. Jessica understands that it's important to take time to yourself every once in a while, and encourages others to seek out a living style that will balance their social needs.