Jacksonville Apartments Moving Checklist

As you prepare to move into your new Jacksonville apartment, use the checklist compiled by our experts to help keep your move stress free!

  • Set the Date

    Be sure to arrange a date for your move in that is convenient for you. Make sure to confirm with your moving company (or friends) to let them know the date and time. To make things a little easier, try to schedule your move during the week. Apartment traffic will be lighter, but it may be more difficult to line up friends to help out mid week.

  • Material For Packing

    Just as soon as you know your moving date, start collecting boxes and other moving supplies. You can purchase boxes from many stores, but it is a real waste of money when they are so easily acquired for free. If you are using a mover, be sure to find out if they will provide boxes, or if you will need to get them on your own. If you do need boxes, stop by your local grocery store, they will usually give away unwanted boxes to customers for free. Check with furniture or electronic stores for packing supplies such as bubble wrap or packing peanuts.

  • Time

    Want to have a move-in so stress free you could almost call it “fun?” Give yourself plenty of time to get everything done. If you don’t rush yourself in packing up all of your belongings and have adequate time to move in and get organized right away, you will feel so much more relaxed before, during , and after your move.

  • X Marks The Spot

    Make sure you know where in your new apartment your existing furniture will be going. It is a good idea to measure the space and mark the spots beforehand for heavy items like couches, TVs, bedroom furniture. For your smaller items, try to organize your packing so items for the same room all go in similar boxes. It will be much easier to put everything in its place if all of your kitchen items are in the box marked “kitchen.”

  • Mail Forwarding

    Once you have the address and apartment number of your new place, be sure to start the process of changing your address. You don’t want important documents or bills to get lost because your address isn’t correct.

  • Set Up Utilities

    The faster you get the utilities in your apartment set up the more comfortable you are going to be. (Imagine no TV, or no A/C…not fun) Check out our tips to set up utilities in your Jacksonville Apartment.

  • Move In Inspection.

    Most apartments will make you conduct a walk through inspection of your unit before you move in. It is very important to take this seriously. Take your time in evaluating the space, and make sure to note any issues on the inspection sheet along with directly alerting the apartment to any imminent problems. The completeness of this form is important because it’s what the apartment uses to determine how much of your security deposit you get back at the end of your lease.

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