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As if the tools and information didn't win you over, we also have an amazing team here at These local residents regularly review your questions, creating thoughtful answers to each and every one. The most common ones are posted on our site weekly, creating a compilation of more than 340 FAQs. You can trust that they know what they're talking about because they've inspected almost all of the Jacksonville military housing options. In doing so, they ensure you have the most up-to-date information available. We are well aware that you want to have all the answers before deciding on your new home, so we do our best to answer them. No matter what you need, we're here to help you find the best military housing in Jacksonville for you.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

When should I start searching for off-base housing in Jacksonville?

You can start searching as soon as you receive verbal orders and have an idea of which base you will be stationed at. Once you receive hard orders, it's time to start getting  serious about your search for apartments near your base in Jacksonville and planning your move!

What makes Jacksonville a great duty station?

Jacksonville offers some of the best weather, outdoor activities, and beaches that Florida has to offer! This expansive city offers abundant waterways with the St. Johns River opening up into the Atlantic Ocean, so you'll never be far from an afternoon on the water. As the largest city by area in the United States, Jacksonville offers a ton of options for weekend entertainment ranging from a beach day, to an evening out in the city, to Sundays spent exploring historic neighborhoods like Avondale. These are just a few reasons you might put Jacksonville on your dream sheet - check out our Neighborhood Guide to explore your options!

What are the benefits of living in an off-base apartment in Jacksonville instead of base housing?

With an off-base apartment, you won't need to worry about waiting lists for base housing. You'll also enjoy more flexibility to choose an apartment with features and amenities that match your monthly budget. Speaking of amenities, many of the apartments near the base in Jacksonville offer luxury perks (that are included with the monthly rent!) like swimming pools, fitness centers, dog parks, and outdoor kitchens. Depending on your monthly rent, you might find that you have leftover money from your housing allowance each month that can help pay other bills such as utilities or cable/internet. Apartments offer you the flexibility to choose a level of luxury that meets your lifestyle and budget, without worrying about a waiting list!

What are the cons to living in an off-base apartment in Jacksonville instead of base housing?

There are a few things you should consider before making the decision to live off-base. In an off base apartment in Jacksonville, you'll have a longer commute time to get to base. Traffic in Jacksonville can be a challenge, so do your research and check Google Maps to see what your commute will be like during peak times. By choosing an off base apartment, you're also putting more distance between your family and other military families. But, many of the apartments in the area host resident events where you can get to know your neighbors, so there's plenty of opportunity to build relationships with people in your community.

Your Apartment Questions Answered

You can find
Apartments with Cable

When you've got some free time, there's nothing like relaxing on the couch and watching your favorite game or show (or even game show). To make sure you can unwind, a lot of the military housing in Jacksonville offers cable packages. This way, you've got your TV taken care of all the time!

You can find
Fitness Centers

Staying in shape is important for your career, as well as your health! It's no wonder that most Jacksonville military housing options come complete with their own fitness centers? Choose from decked out gyms to sponsored classes to find the perfect thing to keep you in tip top shape.

You can find
Gated Communities

Find a place that's away from the rest of the world, offering with it serenity and peace of mind. You can't be turned “on” all the time; that's why there is so much Jacksonville military housing that offers you the sort of community you're looking for. Go ahead and relax.

You can find
Apartments with Pools

Whether you use it for working out or taking a break, it's always pleasant to have a pool on site. Plenty of the options for military housing in Jacksonville come complete with their own pool for you to enjoy. The Florida sunshine can be awfully rough, so what better way to cool off?