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Even if you don’t own a pet right now, finding a pet friendly apartment in Jacksonville may be an important part of your apartment search. It’s hard to know exactly what will happen during your time in your new place. A homeless kitten may walk up to you one day in a parking lot, or a visit to “look at” your friend’s new puppies may end in you taking one home. Or, perhaps your roommate already has a pet that will be living with you.

With this in mind, consider searching specifically for an apartment in Jacksonville that allows pets. This page makes it super easy for you to do. You can also filter by location, amenities, number of bedrooms, and much more. This customization feature makes finding a pet friendly Jacksonville apartment easier than ever before. Let our local knowledge help you find the best place you’ve ever lived in!

Apartments may have a very open pet policy, or a very specific pet policy. Some allow any kind of pet, and some only allow certain kinds. Some do not allow certain dog breeds. Some have restrictions on the weight of the animal. Some allow pets in cages (hamsters, ferrets, birds), aquariums (fish, crabs, snails, turtles), and/or terrariums (snakes, lizards). Others allow only cats or dogs. Always find out an apartments complete pet policy, not just whether they advertise as “pet friendly” or not.

In your search for a pet friendly Jacksonville apartment, you may also want to be on the look-out for any extra “pet amenities.” Some complexes offer dog parks, fenced-in yard areas, and tile or hardwood floors to reduce the mess made by any pet accidents. These can be a great help to pet owners living in Jacksonville. You may also want to look around the area for a good pet sitter for any times when you may go away without your pet. If you already know of one, you can choose to only view homes in that area of Jacksonville.

When you are searching for your new pet friendly Jacksonville apartment, plan to give yourself enough time to find a great place. Don’t wait until your current lease ends to start hunting. Of course, our search tools make this process easy and painless, so you can be done quickly! Narrow down the search results to a few places, then give them a call and set up some appointments to view your potential new home.

Whichever pet friendly apartment in Jacksonville that you choose, be a responsible pet owner. Clean up after your pet if they make any messes. Have your pet get any required vaccinations, as they will very likely be in contact with other pets around your new home. Provide your pet with enough exercise and time to keep them happy and healthy. Provide any supplies that they may need, such as a scratching post. Keep your animal from making too much noise and disturbing the neighbors, whenever possible. In taking these steps, your neighbors will thank you, and fellow pet owners will thank you. The more diligent that pet owners are, the more landlords will be willing to allow pets in their apartments.

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