Im starting at UNF next semester. How do I begin my apartment search?

Jacksonville is one of the largest cities in the state of Florida. Feeling overwhelemed with the amount of attractions embedded in the city, it is often difficult to depict where your starting line should begin. However, when searching for apartments near UNF, there are vital factors to consider.

First, how long do you plan to stay in this area? Determining your lease length can serve a prominent purpose when it comes to narrowing down your search. Since you will more than likely wish to live near the UNF campus, you should next plan on how much you budgeted to spend on your monthly rent. Lastly, what amenities do you prefer to have in your new home? These are definitely important factors to consider when mapping out your search.

If you are uncertain as to whether or not you will remain enrolled at the University of North Florida for the remainder of the year, it is easiest to select a living community that offers flexible lease plans. Traditionally, most properties offer yearly leases for their average residents. However, as a result of the growing number of students enrolling to the University, many communities have adapted their leases to fit the needs of their student residents. Thus, you can often find semester-long leases, and even month-to-month. In the event that you are certain and comfortable with signing a yearly lease, this search option may not be of importance to you.

After deciding how long your stay may be, you should next budget in how much you plan to spend each month on your rent. In order to avoid financial instabilities, it is best that you stick to your budget. Jacksonville is a very large and accommodating city. No matter what your price may be, there will be a perfect home for you. Luckily, apartments near UNF on and off campus tend to be a bit more budget-friendly than other areas of the city. In efforts to accommodate to the many students, you can expect to stay within a student budget when searching for your new home. If budget is a major concern, you can use our apartment locator to help you find a living community that meets your budget needs. To do this, click on our “search now” button. This button will direct you to our custom-built search tools. Scroll down the page and you will encounter a number line under a tab called “rent per month.” Use the number bars to select a dollar range you feel comfortable spending. Our locator will pull up the properties that match your financial needs. You can then click on each icon to learn more about the apartment.

When moving to a new area, you may find that you prefer to have specific amenities in order to make your living experience more enjoyable. Some of these preferences can be having washer and dryers in your units, a twenty-four hour fitness center, or even your very own parking spot. Whatever your needs may be, it is very important to ensure that your new home will offer all that you wish for. Our “apartment features” tab can help you narrow down your search in seconds. This search option allows you to search for communities with a balcony, fireplace, ceiling fans, patio, and more!

Having a roommate may be another preference you hope to endure while searching for apartments. A roommate will definitely help alleviate costs when it comes to monthly rent. If you are new to the UNF area, a roommate is a great way to meet new friends and adjust to your new collegiate lifestyle. Most management staff, offer roommate selection for their residents. This service can include roommate matching where you are paired with a compatible new friends. However, each staff may go about this process differently. If you fear living with strangers, always ask if this type of service is available.

The city of Jacksonville has plenty to offer a newcomer. Deciding where to start your apartment hunt can be problematic and stressful. Do some research to figure out what options are necessary to enhance your life style. Start by deciding how long you plan on remaining in that area. A short-term lease may be your best bet if you are testing out a new location. Next, stick to a budget! Creating a budget will be most efficient when looking for a comfortable new home. Finally, determine what preferences and amenities will best capture your living desires. Having a washer and dryer in your unit may be convenient and vital. After you have decided which factors are most important, you have already begun your search! Feel free to use our apartment locator in order to determine which properties specifically meet your needs.

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