I spend a lot of my time volunteering in my community. What are some volunteering opportunities for me in Jacksonville?

We know it can be difficult to transition away from a familiar community, especially when you have contributed many volunteer hours to your favorite places in town. You'll be glad to know Jacksonville apartments are nearby several places that would love to have you as a volunteer! Whether you want to help animals at the shelter or zoo, contribute to children and youth programs, or spend quality time with senior citizens at a nursing home, you'll find plenty of ways to help out your new community. Read through this article to discover several places available to you in the area.

For those interested in working with domestic animals, apartments in Jacksonville are close to quite a few animals shelters. The Jacksonville Humane Society, for example, is always looking for compassionate, reliable volunteers to assist with the care of the animals, fundraising, off-site adoptions, special events, foster parenting, and much more. You can sign up for several different positions depending on your availability, so you should be able to find something that works with your schedule. If you have at least 4 hours a week free for a minimum of 6 months, then you can apply to be a volunteer at the beautiful Jacksonville Zoo and Botanical Gardens. Several amazing opportunities are available for volunteers, such as mammal keeper assistant, diet kitchen assistant, and behavioral observation team member. Not sure if you can make that time commitment? Then apply to volunteer during one of their special events instead, like the Halloween “Spooktacular” event!

If working with children and youth is your passion, Jacksonville apartments will bring you close to numerous volunteer opportunities with this population. The Wolfson Children's Hospital, a full-service tertiary hospital for children in Jacksonville, has many different volunteer positions available throughout the facility. Join the “Wolfie Wagon” team to visit patient floors with items that would make patients and their families more comfortable during their stay. If you're musically inclined, you can sign up for “Child Life Music” and play your instrument to audiences of children and their families. The “Library” group is available for volunteers wanting to read books, tell stories, or share personal experiences with children.

Apartments near Jacksonville are close to other facilities, like nursing homes, where you can spend quality time with elderly citizens or assist with their care. Some nursing homes do not require an application but a simple sign-in sheet, so this is a good opportunity when you have free time without notice. There are many different activities for volunteers at nursing homes depending on the individual you are visiting. Some residents prefer to sit down and talk with volunteers, sharing their life stories and experiences. You may even be able to go on short walks around the premises. Volunteers often do unique activities like singing, playing an instruments, doing hair, or painting nails.

The options above are just a small example of volunteer opportunities near Jacksonville apartments. If you're interested in other types of groups, we are sure you will find a special volunteer position in your new town!

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