I enjoy concerts and theater productions. Are there venues in Jacksonville for these events?

Always looking for the next concert or theater production coming into town? You'll be happy to know that Jacksonville apartments are only minutes away from a number of small and large venues for concerts and plays. Whether you're looking for a large scale production or a more intimate experience in a smaller room, your new town will have plenty of options to suit your changing moods. Check out this FAQ to discover some great locations for concerts and other entertainments events near your future apartment.

One of the most popular venues for a variety of concerts, ballets, and operas is the historic Florida Theatre. Open since 1927 and undergoing a grand renovation in 1983, it features more than 200 entertainment and cultural events ever year! Since apartments near Jacksonville are in close proximity of this theater, you will always have something fun to attend. The theater even has a bar inside with an assortment of beer, wine, liquor, sodas and water. In addition, they offer snacks to patrons on certain nights during special events. Since it's located in downtown Jacksonville, there are several options nearby for dining if you get hungry for a bigger meal before or after the show, such as American Grill and Crowne Bar, Burrito Gallery, and Casa Dora Italian Restaurant. Check out the theater's website to find out more about upcoming shows and events before your move!

Looking to support your local community? Jacksonville apartments are located near Theatre Jacksonville, a volunteer based community theatre that aims to enrich lives and broaden cultural understanding through community participation in theatre arts. Open since 1919, it is the longest running theatre in Florida! This institution provides volunteers and students with training and educational opportunities to support diversity in Jacksonville, so attending these shows will help you contribute to cultural improvements in your new city. If you're feeling generous, you can even purchase a seat in the theater and name it after yourself! Check out one of their upcoming shows and you may be inspired to enroll in one of their future acting classes.

If you just want to see some of your favorite bands in smaller venues, apartments near Jacksonville will bring you close to all the intimate musical events in the city. Examples include the Atticus Bar, Brewster's MegaPlex, Freebird Live (named after Lynyrd Skynyrd!), Murray Hill Theatre, and Mavericks. If you enjoy indie and underground music, don't forget to check out the Phoenix Taproom and the Burro Bar where they always have live music on site. This list only includes a few of the venues in Jacksonville – you won't have any trouble picking your favorite venue from a long list of options after your move.

We hope that the venues listed above have convinced you that Jacksonville apartments are located in a central area for all types of music and concerts. You're sure to have a packed schedule after your move, so make sure you plan carefully and don't miss any of your favorite events.

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