Is UNF a party school? Will I have fun in Jacksonville?

The University of North Florida has grown to be one of the largest universities in the state. With that large of a population of students come the inevitable partying. What kind of partying does Jacksonville offer? Is it college friendly? Do the students party as much as they study? These are good questions to ask before you decide to commit to UNF as this may shape your decisions where to live. UNF is highly regarded in many of these terms and you'll be happy to see what other students have to say about life at UNF.

While UNF ranks among one of the best graduate schools in several areas and is a highly respected school, the partying isn't "Princeton's list-worthy". Many UNF students travel down to Gainesville for that typical college party experience. College bars and gamedays are something not typically experienced in Jacksonville or near UNF near as much as Gainesville offers. For a short drive (about 80-100 miles) you can't go wrong with The Swamp.

What UNF offers in the way of partying is the wide variety of fraternities and sororities that all have plenty of partying going on. If going Greek isn't your thing then grabbing your friends and hitting up the Jax Beach areas will satisfy your party desires. And the biggest event of the year, The World's Largest Cocktail Party will be so much fun that you'll be "partied out" for a few weeks.

Your experience in Jacksonville is what you make of it. Maybe you really need to get some cheap drinks in on the weekend or go clubbing when you're stressed out from classes. That can be done in the city of Jacksonville but it won't be as convenient as a college town like Gainesville. Nevertheless it can be done and you can have a great time.

When you're looking for a place to live on Jacksonville Apartment Guide, look for an area near nightlife if that's your thing. You can see the options available on the interactive map. Also be vigilant for transportation options that will leave you with options other than driving. You don't want to be driving around Jacksonville after having one too many.

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