I am moving to Jacksonville to attend UNF but love the beach, can I find an apartment?

Jacksonville is located not far from Ponte Vedra, Atlantic, and Neptune Beach.  Jacksonville is also a short drive to famous beaches such as Daytona and Cocoa Beach.  Finding apartments near UNF that are close to the beach isn't hard but there are things to keep in mind.

Living near the beach can be costly.  Being a UNF student, finances could be a problem when trying to find UNF apartments close to the beach.  To help you keep costs down, consider living inland, but in an area that gives you quick access to the beaches.  Searching for apartments that are on Atlantic Blvd, Beach Blvd, or even Butler Blvd. will allow you a straight shot to the beach and offer a more affordable option.

Transportation is also something to keep in mind when looking for the perfect apartment near the beach.  We all know, as students, sometimes transportation can be difficult.  Not all students come to UNF with a vehicle.  Searching for apartments near UNF that offer public transportation is an option to consider.  Jacksonville Transit Authority (JTA) offers stops all along A1A.  Most A1A stops are within one to two blocks from the beach.  You can visit their website or pick up a map at your apartment complex to find the best location to drop you off. 

Finding the perfect apartment near UNF that offers you access to the beach life will not be a problem when looking in the Jacksonville area.  Just keep in mind the proximity of any apartment complex to UNF and to the main roads that lead out to the beach.  You can also make a list of possible apartments, then check out their location, calculate how long it will take you to commute to the UNF campus and to the beach, then make your decision based on the apartment complex that offers the most affordable price and is in a great location.  With some determination and investigation, you should have no problem finding the perfect apartment near UNF and give you extra time to soak up the sand and surf.

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