Are there any hospitals near UNF?

Are you looking to live in UNF apartments near hospitals? The University of North Florida is located conveniently just outside of the center of Jacksonville. This allows residents living in the area to have access to several different hospitals.

Jacksonville is one of the largest cities in the state of Florida. Whether you decide to live in the city or near the beach, living in such a sprawl of Urbanization certainly gives you the privilege of living near several medical treatment centers.

If you are living in UNF apartments on or off of campus, the most popular hospital located near school is Memorial Hospital. This medical facility is located on University Blvd and can treat a variety of needs ranging from emergency care to routine follow-ups and visits. To live near this hospital, you can stay just near campus or even go as far as the Northside neighborhoods. However, this specific location may be a bit further from UNF apartments as opposed to other medical centers that are located just on the onset of the campus perimeters.

There are three other local hospitals that are within a 15 minute commute from campus. St. Vincents Medical center Southside is a well known medical treatment institution for students. Located on Belfort Road, this establishment is one of the oldest private hospitals in the state of Florida.

The Mayo Clinic is another Florida hospital within a close proximity to campus. This facility includes a full service emergency department as well as an in house pharmacy. For UNF apartments near the Mayo Clinic, look for properties on San Pablo Road.

The Baptist Beaches Medical Center is located closer to the beach areas. Located in Jacksonville Beach, this hospital varies in treatment facilities. In addition to emergency services, Baptist Beaches also offers gynecological offices, advanced surgical procedures, cardiac rehabilitation and more.  Many students live in student housing regions located in the beach area. Thus, this medical center seems to be the most popular amongst students attending the local University.

There are also several non-emergency after hour care center near school. These include Coastal care, Crucial Care, Care sport and Doctors Express. The local university also has its own medical institution on campus to nurture the needs of its students in the event of emergencies.

There are several medical care centers and hospitals surrounding the UNF apartment area such as Memorial Hospital, St. Vincent's and the Mayo Clinic. You may prefer those medical facilities located closer to campus such as the Baptist Beaches Medical Center. However, there are several more options located in the North and South side parts of town.  Although many prefer to stay close to home, there are plenty of treatments centers to consider when living near the University of North Florida.

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