Is there a designated student area in Jacksonville?

UNF apartments are located in one of Florida's largest cities. More known as a commuter school, however, properties located near this academic institution are dispersed throughout town, often making it quite difficult when searching for your UNF apartment.

The large city of Jacksonville is arguably no different than other major coastal cities such as Tampa. Much of the residential housing areas are spread throughout the city's industrial blue-collar and laid back region.  Naturally, the town is experiencing much growth and will probably continue to do so. This may leave new UNF students wondering which neighborhood they should live in.

Generally, the cost of living is quite low in the area. This lower cost of living often blurs the lines of which district in town is distinctively the named “student district.”  Thus, the most obvious and easiest distinction would be to deem the neighborhoods closest to the school the proper student living area. Although Jax is such a large city, many students do find it most accommodating and convenient to live within walking distance to class, especially when attending several days a week.

Many UNF apartments are located off campus. The University grounds are located just across from the Mega Mall and minutes away from the beach. This gives students the luxury of living near indoor and outdoor entertainment. The equally stimulating but more laid-back atmosphere of the Atlantic Coast can be a viable habitat for new students. There are handfuls of mom and pop shops and a few unique boutiques. Restaurants tend to be much less crowded and fashion seems to be limited to flip-flops and tank tops—a college student's favorite uniform. However, beware that the nightlife may be limited to just a few regulated social gatherings. If you are more into a lavished night out, you may want to consider living in the downtown area.

Further from campus but immersed in a more metropolitan environment is downtown Jacksonville. There may be less UNF apartments in this part of town, however, this district is widely bustling, vivacious and lively. Built in a neo mod style, many business professionals and college graduates flock to downtown. From public transportation to town trolleys, getting around this part of the city seems to be much more a breeze than driving through the traffic controlled parts of UNF. There are several residential neighborhoods that surround this region, but beware, these homes may be much prier than those located in the quieter areas near campus.

If you are newly attending the local college in Jacksonville, it is no secret to first look for housing that is closest to campus. However, there are benefits to living further from campus. These can include easier public transportation and a more interesting night-life. Although the campus area can be quiet, it is located just minutes from the beach, which the Florida weather allows you to take advantage of nearly year round.

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