My child just got accepted to the University of North Florida. What are our first steps in finding an apartment near UNF?

Jacksonville is a great place to send your high school graduate for college.  It is a large city and offers so much to do.  Finding the perfect apartment near the University of North Florida can be easy, especially if you know what you are looking for. 

Finding apartments near UNF involves knowing the right location to search.  The University of North Florida is located right off of 9A, just east of I-295, between Beach Blvd and Butler Blvd.  The campus is located within 1,400 acres of natural surroundings, with easy access to dining, shopping, and fun activities.  There are many UNF apartments in this area to choose from.

One thing to keep in mind when searching for an apartment near UNF is whether your child will need to have a roommate or not.  Depending on your monthly budget, having a roommate can help cut down on out of pocket costs not covered by financial aid.  Many UNF apartments offer roommate matching.  You can find apartments suited for anywhere from one to three roommates, depending on the apartment you choose.  With's help, you can find which apartments near UNF offer roommate matching.  Simply scroll down the left side of our site and click on the student housing options section.  There you will find the ability to search for UNF apartments with roommate matching.  Also available in this section is the opportunity to search for UNF apartments that offer leases by the bedroom, where the apartment complex will locate roommates for you, or by the entire unit which allows you to find roommates to share the lease with you.  The nice thing about this option is that you can choose whom you want to live with and not be surprised. 

Another thing to think about when searching for an apartment is setting up the utilities.  Deposits on utilities can be costly and should be planned for ahead of time.  By contacting the utility companies, you can find out what deposits they require and how much each deposit will be, so you can work on saving the appropriate funds and have those available when the time comes.  Don't want the hassle of dealing with utilities?  Don't want to have to worry about extra bills each month and remembering what is due when, and where to send the check or which online site to log into and pay?  You can also find apartments near UNF that offer utilities built right into the lease.  Using the same search feature on the left side of our page, scroll down to the show advanced features section and click on cable & utilities.  Here you can search for UNF apartments that offer cable, internet, water, electric, gas, and even phone built right into the lease.  Using this option will save you time and the headache of paying more bills each month.  Just pay your apartment complex each month and everything is taken care of.

Finding the perfect apartment near UNF will allow you to stay focused in school and be able to relax in the perfect apartment that fits your lifestyle.  Let RentJax help you find the perfect apartment near the University of Florida that is just for you.

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