I am a UNF student, is it possible to find an affordable apartment off campus?

Being a student these days can be costly.  You have to worry about paying tuition, books, meals, transportation as well as housing.  All of those can add up quickly.  Finding time to fit a job into your busy schedule can create added stress.  Finding the perfect apartment in Jacksonville near UNF that is affordable doesn't need to be an additional stress.

With a large number of apartments in Jacksonville, you don't want to take the time to drive by each one and then find out it doesn't fit your needs.  Using the RentJax.com apartment search engine can take the stress out of finding low cost living near campus.  RentJax.com offers a large variety of options to choose from to narrow down your apartment search.  To begin your search, click the link that says "Start your search now".  Once on the search page, look to the left and select the amount of rent you can afford.  Using the slider bar makes it easy to find apartments within the price range you are looking for.  Continue to move down the search tools specifying number of rooms and location.  RentJax.com has even made it easy for you to find apartments in specific locations by simply inserting an address or zip code to narrow it down.  Continue scrolling down until you see "Student housing options".  Click the "+" sign and choose your criteria.  The apartments that fit your criteria will automatically filter as you add/take away search options.  Continue to add or take away criteria until you find the apartment(s) you are looking for.  And there you have it, your list of affordable apartments near UNF.

With your list in hand, you can now take time to visit each location and find the perfect match for you.  Call each location, schedule a tour, and ask if they are offering any move-in or new renters specials.  You can even take a few extra minutes to drive by each location to see what area of town it is in and get a first impression before visiting.  Remember, as you visit, take your list of questions with you and make sure that all of them are answered.  Signing a lease with an apartment is binding, so you want to make sure you understand exactly what is expected before signing.

As you can see, finding an affordable apartment in Jacksonville is easy.  Using RentJax.com is the no stress way to find the perfect affordable apartment near UNF that any student can be proud of.  Finding the perfect apartment is hard, yet, once you do, it will make college life so much easier and you can settle in and hit the books in style.

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