What important things might I not check for when looking at military housing?

Looking at apartments may seem simple, for the most part, but there is always something that we don't realize until we move in. This applies to every apartment, even military housing in Jacksonville. So, whenever you happen to be looking at military housing next, here are some things that I try to keep in mind that I feel people forget to check out.

One of the most important things I feel like people do not look at when checking out military housing is where the ports are located. I have known many people, including myself, who have run into this problem.

You move to a place, like military housing, and when you are setting up your living room, you discover that you can't place your TV where you want too because the cable port is on the other side of the room. Now you either need to get a fifty-foot cable and table it all around the walls to make your layout work, or change the way you had your living room.

The problem applies to regular outlets as well. You see the perfect bedroom when looking at military housing, and sign a lease only to find out that you can't put your desk where you want it because there are no nearby outlets. In fact, this happens to so many people, that I am actually surprised that we forget about it all the time.

Ports determine the layout of a room just as much as the space does, even in military housing. So, the next time you look around at a room, make a note of where the ports are so you can get a real sense of how you can make a room.

Another important thing that no one seems check for when looking over military housing is the placement of the windows. While it might not seem significant, where your windows are can really affect things. After all, you don't want to be that person that finds out your window is facing east by having blinding rays of light wake you up every day at six in the morning.

While shades in military housing are great at blocking people's views, they are not great at blocking direct, intense sunlight. So, something that never really seemed important is now a huge issue, and you need to go out and buy a pair of blackout shades. Have fun hanging those up every night before you go to sleep.

Anyway, these are just a few things that I notice a lot of people complain about, because they never thought about it before signing their lease. I hope you keep these things in mind as you look at military housing, so that the place you choose to live in meets all your expectations.

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