Are UNF apartments near any specialty sweet shops? I can’t get enough of tasty treats!

We know most chain restaurants can offer some yummy desserts, but moving to apartments near UNF will bring you closer to some amazing local treat shops in the area! If you're a connoisseur of all things sweet and tangy, you won't be disappointed with all the places your new town has to offer. Before you know it, your new apartment shelves will be fully stocked with an assortment of Jacksonville delicacies. Check out this FAQ for some local places with decadents deserts and irresistible treats!

One of the most popular dessert shops near UNF apartments is Peterbrooke Chocolatier, opened Jackonsville in 1983 by renowned chocolate expert Phyllis Lockwood Geiger. Her mission was to bring all the best European chocolate to the city and become the “neighborhood chocolatier.” We would say that she definitely succeeded! Some of the most popular items offered in the store include chocolate covered popcorn, chocolate peanut butter Ritz crackers, and even chocolate pizza. If the latter has you scratching your head, don't worry – there isn't any pepperoni or cheese on this pizza! It comes topped with chocolate, pecans, almonds, and a fruit mix. This chocolatier also offers some fun novelty gifts, like chocolate roses and cigars, as well as fancy gift baskets for all your occasion needs. Maybe one day you'll be hosting a baby shower or wedding party in your new apartment. Peterbrooke Chocolatier will be just minutes away from apartments near UNF all your celebration needs!

Still need more sugar? 3 Sisters Chocolate and Bakery is another award winning local option with years of experience in gift design and special occasions. They are famous for their hand made chocolates and specialty cakes for all occasions. If you're moving to UNF apartments for a new job opportunity, 3 Sisters is a great place for office catering in the future. Your coworkers will be thrilled with gourmet cupcakes, such as the chocolate chili and key lime pie, or a huge platter of cake pops, macarons, and cookies. If you have some younger siblings or nieces/nephews in your family, you may want to invite them to your new apartment for their next birthday party. 3 Sisters offers some amazingly sculpted children's birthday cakes. Take a look at their website to see some of these unique designs!

Don't close the window just yet – we've got one more shop to tell you about! Heavenly Chocolate Creations has served the Jacksonville area for over 16 years and takes pride in their homemade, hand crafted creations, “like mom used to make.” They also make some wonderful holiday creations, like valentine goodie bags, mother's day gift baskets, and a delicious assortment of Christmas cookies. They have an online website where you can place your order immediately! Check out their “party trays” section if you plan to host some of the best parties in town!

We hope these great treat shops have you feeling extra excited for your move to apartments near UNF. Your friends and family will surely love to sample your endless stock of sweets!

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