What are some benefits to smoke free apartments and are there any near military housing?

Military housing in Jacksonville is a great place to find smoke free apartments. Smoke free apartments can be beneficial to everyone; including you and your landlord. Not only can the smell of smoke be a turn off, but secondhand smoke can actually cause you to develop health problems. Whether you're asthmatic or just your average joe, smoke free apartments can have major benefits.

Not only does smoke free military housing benefit you as a renter, it also benefits your landlord. Smoking in Jacksonville military housing can have detrimental effects to the apartment itself. For one, no matter what you do getting the smell of smoke out of carpeting and walls can be an almost impossible task that can become quite costly as well which a landlord never wants. Smoke can also cause walls and furniture (even permanent fixtures like bathroom and kitchen counters) to yellow and wear out quicker than they would in a non-smoking apartment. This in turn costs the landlord even more money. Having to repaint and scrub the walls clean can be quite an unnecessary hassle that can be easily avoided by making the community nonsmoking. Let's put it this way, even if your landlord smokes and understand the addiction, they don't want to deal with all of the extra costs and time it takes to maintain a smoking property.

Smoke free military housing in Jacksonville also has major benefits for you! You'll often find that smoke free properties have lower rental rates since the owners don't have to spend tons of money in upkeep on a smoking apartment. So living in a smoke free apartment can actually save you money. Not only does it save you money, it can be beneficial to your health. Second hand smoke might not seem like a big deal, but it has actually been linked in cases of lung cancer and emphysema. Since nobody wants to be stuck with illnesses as harsh as those, it's best to just stay away from second hand smoke as much as you can. So living in a smoke free environment can keep you away from encountering any of those dangers.

Smoke free military housing is truly beneficial for everyone. Not only will it keep you and your apartment from smelling and looking gross, it can actually save you money and save you from encountering potentially dangerous second hand smoke. There's really not anyone who doesn't win. Even if you're a smoker do you really want your apartment and all of your belongings to smell like smoke? While some apartments are entirely smoke free you may find some with designated outside smoking areas if you are indeed a smoker. Even if there aren't any immediately in your community it's not too much of a hassle to leave and go have a smoke somewhere else. If it saves you money then why not consider a smoke free apartment? Smoke free living can be beneficial for everyone.

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