I’m here temporarily. Are there any apartments in Jacksonville with a shorter lease?

Living in a town of diverse residents, Jacksonville offers for plenty of unit and community amenities specifically designed for those different types of residents. Jacksonville has two naval stations and the University of North Florida, consisting of both temporary residents that are both students and professionals. Sometimes residents are living on a budget and are only here on a temporary stay so they have to find ways to meet their needs. In this case, one of those ways is finding an apartment in Jacksonville with a short-term lease so that they only pay for the length of time they are actually living here. Additionally, due to the economy most are on a budget, so they try to find all the benefits and amenities they can in their new home. An easy and quick way to do this is to use our website.

You can use RentJax.com's apartment search guide is a fantastic way to begin your search for your apartment in Jacksonville. RentJax.com offers virtually 300 different search criteria in order to help you narrow down your possibilities for your new home, so you don't have to worry about exploring every possible apartment in Jacksonville since there are quite a few different communities! Your new place in Jacksonville can be chosen based on different criteria such as: rental rates, number of bedrooms, if it's pet-friendly, and of course if offer short-term leases. This is how you get started. Look at the site and go down to where it says “Find Your Apartment” then look on the left to where it says “Lease Length By Month” then choose the amount of months you'd like your new lease for your Jacksonville apartment. This can range from 7 months to 14 months. At this time, you can also choose any other amenities or features you'd want in your new home or community. Other popular categories for amenities can also be found in our easy apartment search guide under “Sports and Fitness”, “Public Transportation”, and also in “Community Features” and “Apartment Features”.

After you have specified all your preferences you'd like in your new home, RentJax.com will provide all of the options of apartments in Jacksonville that match what you need and want. Take some time and review the options that are available and choose the community or communities that you think best mirror what you are looking for in Jacksonville. You may want to consider these other recommendations as well: find out where they are, find out what they offer, and find out what are their monthly rental fees and select the one that has the best fit for you. Once you've excluded some of the options and are down to a select few, call them up, find out if they offer any specials, schedule a tour, and then pick the one most suitable to you. If it helps, ask around or go out to the communities yourself, and see if you like them. Nothing is better than you first-hand knowledge.


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