I’m a UNF student in Jacksonville and I have a budget. Should I live with a roommate?

Living on a budget is hard enough, let alone during your college years which are supposed to be the most exciting and fun-filled years of your life. You have so many other more important things to focus on, like getting good grades and trying to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Of course, if you can find an apartment in Jacksonville with roommate matching that is affordable then that definitely helps, so there's a quick and easy solution to finding your UNF apartment and deciding if you want to live with roommates.

Your first step would be to figure out what you can afford each month for rent. Once you do, use that information and our easy apartment guide at Rentjax.com . Click on "Search Now" and use the slide and put it on the range for the rent price you can afford. Once you do this, Rentjax.com will show you apartments in Jacksonville that offer units within that range. Look those over and determine whether or not you can afford a 1-bedroom unit with that rental rate. If you can, great, then look each of them over and keep in mind, the rental rate, location, amenities, etc and determine which is the best fit for you.

If you realize you can't, then don't fret, you still have options. Now we will consider the roommate options. First you need to decide if you have someone with whom to live. Friend, family member, friend of a friend, classmate, etc would all be good choices. If you do, use our easy apartment guide on Rentjax.com and again click on "Search Now", then go down to where it says "Number of Bedrooms" then choose the amount of bedrooms your apartment in Jacksonville will need to have. Once you do, our website will populate options of two, three, or four bedroom units, whichever you chose, that are within your rental rate range. As previously mentioned, then choose your apartment after looking them over or call them up for more information.

If you don't have a roommate in mind and are concerned about living with a stranger, don't worry, there are ways to make your roommate selection as easy as possible with the best chance of compatibility and that is Roommate Matching. A lot of apartment communities, even in Jacksonville, offer this amenity to their residents who require a roommate. In order to find Jacksonville apartments with roommate matching again use our easy apartment search guide and go down on the left to where it says "Student Housing Options". Click on the circle that corresponds with yes for Roommate Matching. After doing so, Rentjax.com will provide you with apartments in Jacksonville that offer roommate matching to residents. Again, look over your choices and choose your UNF apartment.

As you can see our website makes finding your new UNF apartment a really effortless thing to do. Not only can you find an apartment with the rental rate you prefer, but you can also find other specific criteria you want in your Jacksonville apartment. Browse through our criteria and see which you'd like to see in your new UNF home and move in today!

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