Can I be provided with a roommate?

Having a roommate can certainly help alleviate costs, help you adjust to a new lifestyle of living and even meet friends in the area. Searching for military housing in Jacksonville that provides roommate selection will be your best bet. When searching for a living community that can provide you with a roommate, it is always best to ensure that this is a service that they do offer. If you are a student in the area, looking for a new place in student housing will be a great place to find a new roommate. To do this, click on our “search now” tab on our main site. This will bring you to our search page specifically for military residents. You can scroll down to our student housing option tab. Once you click that, you will see the option for joint leases and lease by bedroom. If you select these options, a list of living communities offering roommate selection services will populate the screen! You can view each community by clicking on the icon. Here, you will be provided with the details of each property.

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