I’m having roommates at UNF, but sharing my bathroom freaks me out. Are there any apartments in Jacksonville with private bathrooms?

Being a UNF student, saving money is always a good thing. With the cost of tuition, books, food, and of course your adventures, it can really put a dent in your wallet. To help with that, sometimes residents find that a roommate will significantly reduce their expenses but are concerned with the risks that come with roommates. Roommates provide a person to share expenses, a study buddy, someone with whom to socialize, and also someone to confide in when you're at your lowest low. However, having roommates you run the risk of them not paying their share, keeping you up at night, leaving your apartment in Jacksonville a mess only for you to have to clean it. One way to retain some of your own private space and decrease the amount of conflict is by having your own bedroom and bathroom, a place to escape. It will be easy to find you an apartment in Jacksonville near UNF with a private bathroom since it is a common request. Here's how to get started.

Head to the apartment search guide on RentJax.com for UNF Students. It is a perfect way to start your quest for your new home near UNF in Jacksonville. RentJax.com for UNF Students recommends plenty of different search criteria that UNF students commonly desire in order to help you decrease the number of potential communities that you'll need to investigate for your new home. Using our easy apartment search guide you can choose different criteria such as: price by room or apartment, number of bedrooms, if it's pet-friendly, and of course if offers private bathrooms. Go to our RentJax.com for UNF Students homepage and find where it says “Find Your Apartment”. Click on that link and it will take you to where you can choose your preferences for your new home. Look on the left to where it says “Student Housing Options” and click on the circle under “Yes” next to where it says “UNF Apartments”. Once you do that, head to the section called “Apartment Features” and find “Private Bathroom”. Then click on the circle under “Yes” next to that category. While you are already setting preferences, you can also choose any other amenities or features you'd want in your new UNF apartment. Other popular categories for amenities can also be found in our easy apartment search guide under “Sports and Fitness”, “Community Features” and “Apartment Extras”. You may also want to consider such amenities as “Roommate Matching” to help make your time at UNF the best it can be.

After you have chosen all your selections for your new home, RentJax.com for UNF Students will provide all of the options of UNF apartments in Jacksonville that resemble what you have requested. Spend some time if it's needed and review the options that are available and choose the UNF apartment/s in Jacksonville that you think are the most suitable for you. Residents may also want to consider these other suggestions: ask where they are located, ask what they offer, and ask about their monthly rental fees. After you've done some investigation choose the one or in some cases, a select few, and contact them, find out if they offer any specials, schedule a tour of both the property and the unit, and then pick your UNF apartment in Jacksonville.


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