I would like to have a pet in my new apartment. How do I choose what type of pet to adopt?

Are you thinking about adopting a pet once you move into your new place? You'll have several pet-friendly apartments near UNF to choose from! Whether you prefer dogs, cats, or an exotic species, there are a variety of pet types that are well-suited for apartment living. Before you adopt a new friend, however, there are a few things you should consider before making a final decision. This will ensure both you and your new pet are comfortable and happy. Keep reading to discover some tips on how to choose the right animal for you.

Many UNF apartments allow residents to own pets, but may place limits on certain breeds or sizes. If you are considering adopting a larger dog, for example, our website will provide you with leasing office contact info so that you can ask for additional pet policy details. Although many dog breeds can thrive in an apartment if they are taken for regular walks and exercise, some experts feel that certain breeds are more suited for this lifestyle. It can be helpful to do some additional research before adopting. For example, the Greyhound breed is often called a “45-mph couch potato.” Regardless of the breed, you should always ask the foster parent or dog rescue about the animal's history, temperament, and previous living environment so you can have a better idea of the animal's disposition and preferences. Dogs can make wonderful, fulfilling companions and may bring you that extra happiness in your new place.

If you'd prefer to adopt a cat instead, many apartments near UNF allow an average of 2-3 cats per household. Cats are also excellent pets for apartment residents. In fact, most cat rescues will recommend that you keep your cat inside permanently to avoid the dangers of cars and outside predators. If you want to add some entertainment and exercise for your indoor cat, you can always purchase a variety of toys and a cat condo to keep your cat busy when you're not around. You can also adopt a second cat to keep your cat company if you know you'll be working long hours. Many rescues even offer discounts for adopting a pair of cats that have already bonded.

Not interested in a cat or a dog? Some UNF apartments also allow residents to keep exotic pets, but make sure you give them a call with details before you sign the lease or adopt the pet! For example, many communities allow residents to keep fish or reptiles but may have a limit on aquarium or terrarium size. If you're not afraid of scaly critters, smaller snakes and lizards can make excellent, low maintenance apartment pets. The king snake species is generally friendly and can be easily tamed, while bearded dragons and leopard geckos are very popular pet lizard species.

Moving to apartments near UNF will only be more exciting with the prospect of adopting a new pet! You can always use the search function on our website to filter by pet policy and choose the perfect place for you.

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