I am looking for pet-friendly military housing communities, are there any?

If you are relocating to military housing in Jacksonville, you may want to gain assurance as to whether your pet can travel with you. When searching for base housing, you want to be conscious of which communities will accommodate you best. If you are planning to live with your pet, you might even consider investigating the surroundings and amenities that each apartment complex has to offer.

It goes without saying that most dogs prefer a grassland area where they can play, walk or rest in the hot Florida sun. For that reason, many dog owners are naturally attracted to areas that provide comfortable walking sections with lots of grassy spaces. Many modern communities even come with dog parks and playgrounds.  These outdoor areas can even be a crucial deciding factor in determining whether you have found the perfect new home.

If your animal loves to lie outside, you may want to search for military housing that either has a balcony or fenced in yard. Although most rentals will be more inclined to come with a porch or balcony as opposed to a fenced in yard, there may be fenced in areas throughout the property where you can allow your dog to roam free. Where these types are preferences are offered, it is important to check with your property manager as to what types of breeds are welcomed. Often times, many associations ban a few larger breeds of dogs. These sometimes include pit bulls and Rottweiler's. If you own one of the banned breeds, it may be difficult finding a community who will be willing to rent out a unit to you. There are communities, however, that do not have a banned breed list.

As a result of liability issues, some properties may even require dog owner-tenants to post signs warning others that they do have a dog in their home. Do not be alarmed, this is just a generic Florida protocol that will help keep you and the landlord shielded from liability should your dog cause any harm to another tenant. Florida Statute §767.01 states that a dog owner will be liable for any damages done or caused to another by their dog. Posting up a sign can help to alleviate such liability should something occur.

So, now how do you find pet friendly military housing in Jacksonville? Rentjax for military residents can make apartment hunting a quick and easy taske. This user-friendly search guide allows users to narrow down their search criteria to help discover the perfect new home. If you are searching for a pet-friendly apartment, just click the find your apartmentbutton on the home page. On the left hand screen you will find a list of preferences to select from. Under the Pet Policy tab, you can select all dogs welcomed. A list of dog-friendly communities will populate on the page, allowing you to either search through each one or narrow down your criteria even further. Always remember to speak with a manager to get the details on which breeds are welcomed, and always check the outside conditions of the premises to ensure that your dog will be just as happy as you are.

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