Why do apartments charge pet deposits?

When looking for pet-friendly apartments some communities may charge a pet deposit is to cover any potential damages that the pet may cause to the apartments. Residents do not expect their pet to cause damages however, as a safely precaution apartment communities charge pet deposits. Some unexpected damages to military housing can cause permanent damages to the apartment, temporary damaged resolved by cleaning or restoration and furniture damages, which can include replacing furniture.

Potential Pet Damages to Apartments in Jacksonville

Stains on Carpet

No matter how well trained your pet is there is still that chance that they have an accident inside the house. When pets are left inside an military housing while residents are at work or school all day there is a high chance they might not make it back in time to let their pet out. This can cause all types of color changes to carpeting inside an apartment. As some home cleaning products may be used to remove the accident when first noticed, it sometimes requires professional carpet cleaning. Services such as those can be very costly and plays a part in why base housing charges pet deposits.

Chewed Furniture

Cats and dogs alike can get restless some days whether its because they miss you, there is bad weather outside or they just become nervous. However, this may cause your pet to chew on some of the furniture, doors or even scratch the floors or even kitchen cabinets. This is one reason why apartments charge a pet deposit. Damage like this to all housing including military housing can lead to unexpected costly repairs. For example, once the door closes behind your dog at the base housing apartments and feels locked in. He/she may get restless waiting for you to get home and starts scratching at the door. Slight scratching may not be so costly however, if he/she does significant damage to the bottom of the door it may need to be completely replaced. Therefore, the pet deposit may cover the damage caused by a scared dog. Some base housing allows dogs while other allow cats, so make sure you find the best fit for you and your pet.

Prevent Pet Damages

Preventative measures that you can take in order to get your pet deposit back are a great way to not take any chances. One measure may be to leave your pet in it's crate when you are not home. This is a great because that way your pet is not free to roam the base housing unsupervised. Another way you can prevent damage is to make sure your pet is trained. Training your cat to use a liter box or your dog to only go outside can really help to prevent accidents. Training your pet is a great way to prevent many damages. Find a Petco close to you who may offer training courses for your pet. Additionally, regularly walking your pet when you get home and before you leave your house can prevent pet accidents from happening inside the apartment.

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