Are there good areas to party near the military bases in Jacksonville?

Jacksonville has several military bases scattered throughout the city. What you’ll need to know first is identify where your base will be. If you decide to live on base you’ll want to know the area before you move there. Jacksonville offers several options for areas that are fun to go out and party at. You’ll find some of the best areas to party are close to the bases. This is great news for those that like to stay up late and wake up early. Go to the map of Jacksonville on the RentJax Apartment Guides page to find where you’re base will be in relation to the apartments available.

Now that you pinpointed where your base will be and what apartments are near, you can start scouting out the neighborhoods near you. In general, the laidback atmosphere of North Florida caters to the bar scene you may be looking for.

One of the best areas to go out in is Jax Beach. Jax Beach is perhaps the best area in town to make bad decisions so take advantage if your base is near and you find yourself living close.

Another fun area is downtown Jacksonville. There’s always a lot to do including bars, clubs and events going on every weekend. Want to go stumble to the World’s Largest Cocktail Party, the annually held event that every Jacksonville resident goes to? Not a problem when you live in the same city. There are plenty of other events to go to as well.

People overlook Jacksonville when it comes to being a party town. Jacksonville doesn’t have the glitz like Miami has and it doesn’t have the same scene as Tampa Bay. What it lacks in glamor is makes up for with a wide variety of scenes. This city is still the most populous city in the state and has plenty of options for partying. For the military members, this city is an absolutely perfect place to be.

The question people ask when they get stationed in Jacksonville is - Can the party scene keep up with them. With Jax Beach, Downtown Jacksonville and more the better question is... Can they keep up with Jacksonville?

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