What kind of parking options do I have with Jacksonville apartments?

Trust me, I know what I'm talking about when I say parking options can be pretty limited when you're living in a college town. If you're new to the area and looking for apartments in Jacksonville, you are going to want to know all your parking options before you dedicate hours of your life to what is often referred to as "the hunt." Before you decide to risk your car and your safety during the Florida-Georgia game for the sake of a parking spot, know your options - check out RentJax.com.

You'll find that the site is not only easy to navigate, but also provides you with a lot of valuable information - like what parking options you have at various Jacksonville apartments. Check out the homepage and click on the big, green button that says "Find Your Apartment." You will be presented with a seemingly endless menu with different search options to narrow down apartments in Jacksonville to what you're looking for. That elusive parking space can be yours; you'll just have to hunt for it (at least this hunt is virtual).

Make your way to the "Parking" button. Click the blue plus sign right next to it, and a drop down menu will appear. You can then choose from the following parking options: Included with Rent, Covered Parking, Parking Garage, Guaranteed Parking Space, On Street Parking, and Private Garages. Pick whichever one or ones you're looking for, and the search will refine itself to only include apartments in Jacksonville that have it. Bada bing, bada boom - talk about the easiest parking space you'll ever find!

Even when you've chosen a place with the parking you need, it can still sometimes be hard to get a spot. Fortunately, many apartments in Jacksonville are also near the public transportation, so you don't always have to move your car when you need to get moving. You can find which Jacksonville apartments are close to public transport by checking out RentJax.com once again. That "Find Your Apartment" button will once again take you to that expansive menu, but this time, your journey will be a little different.

This time around, you will want to click on "Public Transportation." You can choose from any of these: JTA Bus Stop Near By, JTA Skyway Near By, Close to Beaches Trolly, Close to Riverside Trolly, Close to Bay Street Trolly, and Close to Beaver Street Trolly. Just hit the "Yes" button by the ones you want, and your search will only focus on the apartments in Jacksonville that have the access to public transportation that you want.

There is a perfect place out there for you with a parking spot with your name on it - practically, anyway. With so many apartments in Jacksonville, I know you'll find the one to call your own. Just play around with the options on RentJax.com and enjoy the hunt for the perfect apartment - it's much better than the hunt for a parking spot!

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