If I'm deployed or on base for an extended period of time what are my parking options?

Being on base gives you the privilege of flexibility in certain ways. You may be living on base and be stationed to leave for a set amount of time or you may be asked to move permanently. Just because you're in Jacksonville doesn't mean you'll be there a year later. As most people on base own cars and may find themselves rarely at home and ready to leave at any moment, parking is an important factor. Can your car be safe while you're on base for days at a time? Can you leave it if you're still on lease and have to be deployed?

Thankfully, RentJax has some incredibly easy filters to set that allow you to search for apartments that specifically offer parking. You can set the apartment guides to include: Included parking, covered parking, parking garage, guaranteed parking space, on-street parking and private garages. Set the filters by visiting the search page and checking out the "Parking" section. Here are some of the options listed here that will be important factors for someone that may be away from their car for an extended period of time.

  • - Included parking
  • - Covered parking
  • - Parking garage
  • - Private garage

It's important to individually ask the apartment manager before you move in about parking policies. You want to know if it will be okay to park in covered parking if you're gone for an extended period of time (unless you like pelicans giving your car a new paint job). You also want to know the cost of leaving your car there if you happened to be deployed while still on lease and if it's cheaper to stay on lease for those extra few months than find a new place for your car.

Our guide is great for you to set these filters and figure out what's right for you. We know that our brave men and women in uniform work under different schedules and need the easiest living situation possible.

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