I am an active college student. What amenities are offered in my Jacksonville apartment?

With college life, comes lots of indoor time.  Time in class, time studying, time testing, even the occasional time we get to sleep.  So, the very last thing you want to do on your downtime is stay inside, which is understandable.  Apartments in Jacksonville offer many great amenities for those who prefer an active lifestyle. 

For the sports enthusiast, you can find many great amenities offered at most Jacksonville apartments.  For instance, if you like to play basketball, you can find open air basketball courts on the premise.  Are you a tennis champ?  You are in luck.  Several apartments in Jacksonville offer a tennis court on site for those who love to actively play tennis.  What about swimming?  Is that the way you enjoy your downtime outside?  Then, you will find that most Jacksonville apartments offer swimming pools, most are resort style which feature pool-side lounges with outdoor kitchens and community bbq grills available.  What a great way to soak up the sun and have fun on your downtime.

If you have children, you can find apartments in Jacksonville that have playgrounds.  What a fun way to spend time as a family, by playing on the playground.  If you have a pet, you can find Jacksonville apartments that offer a dog park or doggie playgrounds.  Why not take your family and your pet on a picnic and enjoy the outdoors that way.  You can find Jacksonville apartments that offer picnic areas under the trees on the property.

If you want to get away from your Jacksonville apartment, you can find so many fun things to do outdoors.  Anywhere in Jacksonville, you are a short drive to one of several area beaches, including Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, and Ponte Vedra Beach.  How much fun is it to load up your friends or family and spend the day on the beach playing beach volleyball, surfing, playing in the waves, or just soaking up the sand and sun?

If you are into hiking, then you are in luck.  Jacksonville has several hiking options available.  Anastasia State Park offers three different hiking options, including a hike along the beach, an exploration of the old Spanish quarries, and the famous Ancient Dunes Trail, which provides an up-close look at the native habitats of the windy shore.  Another beautiful spot to hike is Castaway Island Preserve.  This area is a breezy spot to enjoy a breath of fresh air.  Ibis and wood storks can be seen in the shallow marsh.  Gopher tortoises also live within the pine flat woods of the island.  The preserve offers a mile-long hikes for all ages that has plenty of benches and overlooks along the way.  Hanna Park is another great location to hike.  Hanna Park offers a 2.7 mile hike along the surf and through the woods.  This hiking loop is a great way to get to know maritime habitats.  Jacksonville also offers many more hiking opportunities.  To find more, just google hiking in Jacksonville Florida and you will be provided with quite a list.

Downtown Jacksonville also offers a walk down the St. Johns River, a ride in the river fairy, and outdoor shopping and dining.  You can also take a trip down Butler Blvd. to the St. Johns Town Center which is an outdoor mall with shopping and dining as well as fun events offered year round.

As you can see, finding an apartment in Jacksonville that offers you a reprieve from studying and classwork to get outdoors and unwind will not be a problem.  Jacksonville has so much to do for an outdoor enthusiast, from beaches, to hiking, to biking, to walking, and everything in between.  When searching for the perfect apartment in Jacksonville, check out the outdoor amenities they offer and see what fun in the sun is lurking right around the corner.

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