Are there any family-friendly outdoor activities in Jacksonville?

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If you're looking for outdoor activities, why not go to the pool at Addison Landing?

Jacksonville apartments are located near many wonderful outdoor activities. No matter what you and your family hope to do during your time outside, you can rest assured that there is something for you in Jacksonville. You'll never be bored; there are beaches, zoos and sanctuaries, farms to pick your own fruit and vegetables, and more.

Beautiful Beaches

With Jacksonville being a coastal city, perhaps the most obvious family-friendly outdoor activity would be to visit any one of Jacksonville's beautiful public beaches. Pack a picnic from home and lay out a blanket as you enjoy a seaside lunch. Collect seashells and bring them back to your Jacksonville apartment as decor items. Swim, boogie board, or surf in the salty water and enjoy all that Jacksonville's beaches have to offer. A day at the beach is inexpensive and simple, but it will be cherished by your little ones as a fond memory. 

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

Located in the Northside neighborhood of Jacksonville is the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. The zoo is a great educational resource for families with children to teach about different animals and their habitats. In addition to the zoo, they have lovely botanical gardens that are certainly worth admiring. You can find any necessary information to plan your trip to the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens on their website.

Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary

The next outdoor location was ranked by Trip Advisor as number one of one-hundred- and-fifty-seven activities in Jacksonville. Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary also features animals, as the Jacksonville Zoo does, but here they focus on endangered big cats. All their animals are rescued from poor conditions and bad situations, which means that they are providing a better life for the large cats who cannot live in the wild. They hope to educate people about these animals, making it a good educational opportunity for children. 

Berry Good Farms

Ever wanted to go berry picking? Well, you can do that and more at Berry Good Farms. Fruits and veggies are grown there for you to choose from as they become ripe. As a child, I went to a you-pick farm and had a wonderful time. The experience taught me about how food is grown and where it comes from. Additionally, it brought me to trying produce that I had never eaten before, simply because I picked it. Evidently, this experience is both fun and educational and may even persuade your picky eater to branch out a little. Bring your produce home to your apartment in Jacksonville and serve it to your little ones throughout the week. You'll be amazed at how many fruits and vegetables they'll want to eat after this experience. 

All-in-all Jacksonville is an incredible city for outdoor family-friendly activities. This list encompasses just a few of the hundreds of experiences that Jacksonville has to offer so if you're living in a Jacksonville apartment, make sure to check out other fun activities as well. Have fun with these awesome activities and stay safe!

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