Now that freshman are required to live on campus, is it hard to find off campus apartments?

Are you searching for UNF apartments off campus? Searching for an apartment near University of North Florida is a simple task.  Just within minutes of campus, are a multitude of student housing communities.

The University of Florida is located in the center of Jacksonville, one of Florida largest and fastest growing cities. Being recognized as the eleventh most populated city in the United States, it is no secret that the city of Jacksonville has plenty to offer its residents.

When attending the local university many students experience several obstacles when searching for homes off of the academic institution's premises since incoming freshman are now required to live in the school's student housing districts. So, now that your freshman year has ended where should you live? Even more important, can you afford to live off campus?

Living outside of the campus corridor allows for independence. Although there are reasonably affordable housing communities within blocks of campus, most properties range in price.

Most closely to campus are student style living options. These types of communities offer rent per rooms. Meaning, you can rent a room in a shared 2 to 3 bedroom unit. Usually your room includes its own bathroom and decently sized closet. Yes, you may have to assume the risk of living with someone you may like. However, many UNF apartments offer roommate selection services to their tenants. This allows potential roommates to fill out simple questionnaire about their personal preferences. The management staff will review answers and preferences and match you up with the most compatible roommate.

If student living is not your style, you may consider traveling fifteen minutes from campus to the beach area. Many upper classman prefer to live in this area. There is tons of public parking in the region and many communities are within walking distance to restaurants and bars. Although commuting back and fourth to class may be a pain, the city does offer a public bus system that can help take you to and from school. Additionally, the university provides its own shuttle, the “Osprey Connector,” that will shuttle you around campus—to and from class.  Homes near the beach may be more expensive than those blocks from campus, but there will be more entertainment close to these properties than those located near class.

In all, there are over 500 neighborhoods throughout the city of Jacksonville, Although only a very small of these are occupied by students, there are still plenty of apartment complexes near campus to live in. Many students prefer to live near the beach for its convenience to entertainment and its independence from school. However, some collegiates prefer to stay closer to the university, only living a few blocks away from UNF.

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